You heard a lot about tattoos and decided to get it done for yourself. After much of research you come up with the perfect design that suits your personality and also expresses your thoughts. Then was the crucial part of having the tattoo done! Once it is over, you might think its over, now you can freely flaunt your new work of art. But wait! Once the tattoo is done, there are some aftercare tips and techniques that you need to follow if you wish to prevent the risk of infection and also prevent the tattoo from distorting. Here is the best tattoo aftercare advice.

Tattoo Aftercare Tips and Instructions
Once your tattoo artist is done with your tattoo, he will cover it with a bandage and advise you to keep it on for a couple of hours. After this, you need to follow the simple tattoo aftercare instructions.
  • Remove the bandage after the specified time by peeling it off gently. If it sticks, do not use force. Wait till it comes off or try and remove it patiently.
  • Once you have completely removed the bandage, do not put a new one, neither try to put on the used one back in place as it can result in infection.
  • Now wash your hands with soap and clean the tattoo with water and a very mild soap. It is advised to not to hold the tattoo directly under faucet or shower.
  • As an aftercare for tattoos only use a soft towel or a tissue to dab the tattoo dry. Do not rub it with a towel or sponge it dry.
  • Once you dry the tattoo, you need to moisturize using tattoo aftercare products recommended by your tattoo artist. It is advisable to use only these products. Do not consider using other products like petroleum jelly, etc.
  • Dab a drop of ointment on your tattoo and smear it a bit using your finger. Do not use in excess as the skin should be able to breath. It is recommended to keep the tattoo as moist as possible and hence, you should apply the lotion whenever you feel the tattoo has dried.
  • One of the best tattoo aftercare instructions is that it is advised to always wash your hands before you touch the tattoo or apply the lotion to prevent infection.
Aftercare For Tattoos
Apart from the basic above mentioned things, there are several other things that you need to follow for a couple of months after you have done the tattoo. The following are some tattoo care instructions:
  • Avoid exposing the tattoo to water unnecessarily. It is recommended to shower rather than a bath to prevent the tattoo from being exposed to water.
  • As mentioned above, do not use any products that are not meant for / are not recommended as aftercare for tattoos as they can cause allergic rash or cause a burning sensation.
  • One of the tattoo aftercare tips includes that one should wear loose fitting clothes specially if the tattoo is around the waist line to avoid irritation. Secondly, as foot tattoo aftercare instructions, do not wear tight fitting shoes or socks, neither expose your feet to dust to prevent infection.
  • Lastly, avoid exposure to sunlight, dust, pollution, water, oil, etc. till the tattoo heals completely.
These were some of the tattoo aftercare tips and instructions that you need to follow till your new tattoo heals completely. Remember tattoo aftercare is as crucial as the actual making process and should be followed with precision and care. Good luck!
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