Tongue Tattoos

Tattoos have been acknowledged as a unique kind of art since ages. Lot of things have been said about the inner meaning of tattoos. There are various intricate tattoo designs that are crafted on various parts of the body like arms, legs, stomach, hip, back, etc. In recent times, every crevice in your body can get adorned with a tattoo. But tongue? I know... Even the thought sends chills down the spine. Yes, tongue tattoos are on a high these days! Want to know some interesting facts on tongue tattoos? Bang on!

"Tattoos are like stories - they're symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful." ~ Pamela Anderson

Tattoos are believed to bring out the hidden persona of a person. The imaginations, ideas and the perceptions of a person are spoken loud through tattoos. Being an art, there are myriad tattoo ideas and designs. However tongue tattoo is a very unusual tattoo and is definitely bound to hurt whoever goes for it. They are adorned with studs, pins and pigments. It is always recommended to get tongue tattoos done from a tattoo artist who has prior experience in tongue holding, piercing and tattooing on it.

Tongue Tattoo Facts
There are a lot of precautionary measures that needs to be taken when going for tongue tattooing:
  • Make sure your tongue is clean and has no infections and ulcers. If there is any, then give some time to heal.
  • Tattoo care is as important as tattoo art. So when you go to a tattoo studio, see to it that your tattoo artist uses disposable gloves and autoclaved equipments to avoid any infection. Equipments must be disinfected before use.
  • Tongue tattooing is no different from skin tattooing when it comes to technicalities used. The needles of tattoo gun move faster over your tongue pricking the outer membranes of the skin pigmenting them with ink.
  • Tongue tattoos take around 2-3 weeks to heal as tongue is a soft and tender organ. In the initial days, the tongue will feel extremely sensitive and ticklish and at times numb too. Slight pain is also felt when the crust of the skin on the tongue grows.
  • Not to miss a very important point, if your immune system is not strong enough, tattooing is not recommended.
Tongue Tattoo Designs
Usually tongue tattoo designs are done on the tip of the tongue, or in the middle of the tongue. Sometimes people even get a tongue tattoo in the lower area of the tongue. There are tattooing machines available with the tattoo artists for holding the tongue with proper care. The most famous designs for tongue tattoos include cartoons, tribal work, stars and various geometrical patterns. Apart from these, tongue tattoos may also have cool captions like "I Love My Mom" and so on. Few people love to pigment the tongue with bright colors like yellow, blue and orange and then have it tattooed with floral patterns. People even get dagger tattoos done on their tongues. The most common tongue tattoo ideas are hearts, stars, feathers, flowers, animals, zodiac signs and emblems. Some of the trendy tattoos on tongue are flower tattoos, butterfly tattoos, vine tattoos, zodiac tattoos and tribal tattoos.

Tattooing on tongue is definitely a new idea in the tattoo industry and is a craze among today's youth. Tongue tattooing needs utmost thinking and planning before one opts for it. Also, the tattoo artist opting to do a tongue tattoo must have a great deal of experience when dealing with a sensitive organ. Every tattoo lover who wants to get a tongue tattoo done must patiently analyze whether he really wants the tattoo for the rest of his life. What if all these comes down to - "I wanted a tongue tattoo badly! I got it done! Now, I want to get rid of it forever!" We all know that tattoo removal procedure is not only painful but costly too. So think twice before you step into a tattoo studio to get a tongue tattoo done. In the world of tattoo arts, tongue tattoo is one of the sensational tattoos which definitely has a raw sensual appeal about it!
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