Blonde Hair Dye

Blonde Hair Dye

Blondes have more fun! - goes an age-old saying. It also tells us the feeling of envy that the people with non-blonde hair have, for people with natural blonde hair. People opt for the blonde hair dye, without giving a single thought to the suitability and effects of it on the health of the hair. As a result they suffer from numerous problems like hair loss, hair turning orange and even green! However, applying blonde hair dye with a few precautions, can be a safe as well as an attractive option.

Blonde Hair Dye Ideas

Let's face the fact that blonde hair dye doesn't suit everyone. People having blonde hair since childhood can flaunt any shade of blonde in their adulthood. Also, people with blue and green eyes and pink skin (which gets easily tanned) can opt for various blonde hair dye colors. But, people other that that should never try for the hair color ideas which emphasize two shades darker, than their original hair color.

It doesn't mean that they cannot get the blonde hair at all. As a matter of fact, anyone can get blonde hair color, once she understands her exact skin tone. There are three tones of the skin, namely warm, cool and neutral. Warm skin tones include olive, golden and dark skin colors and brown or dark eyes; cool skin tones are fair skin color with green or blue eyes, while neutral skin tones have medium shades of the above mentioned skin tones. More on how to get blonde hair.

Blonde Hair Dye for Dark Skin
People with dark skin tones should strictly refrain from blonde hair dyes that create too dramatic appearance. They should also avoid hair colors with yellow undertones (especially the people with olive or dark skin colors). They should try ash blonde hair and deep golden blonde shades instead. Get honey blonde highlights on the face framing fringes and flaunt the hair in style! Dyeing your hair at home is ideal only when you are well aware about the hair coloring procedure. Otherwise I would suggest you to leave the job to a professionals as far as getting blonde hair color is concerned. More on how to bleach hair blonde.

Blonde Hair Dye for Medium Skin
People with medium skin tones are the blessed ones, as they can opt for a huge array of hair coloring ideas when it comes to the blonde hair dye. They can try any particular blonde hues that they desire for, for instance the strawberry blonde hair! All you need to do is to decide the degree to which you want to dye the hair and go for it. But, to keep it more natural, opt for the blonde hair dyes that are not too stark or bright. Hence, refrain from platinum blonde hair completely! The best option is to try honey blonde hair dye with a few subtle highlights framing your face! You can also add hair highlights and lowlights and get that tricolor look.

Blonde Hair Dye for Fair Skin
People with fair skin should opt for the cool blonde shades. Absence of red undertones in the hair will neutralize the ruddiness of your skin. As I said earlier, never go for more than 2 shades lighter than the original hair color. If you do, then you will have to touch up the hair roots, time and again. Transforming dark hair to super light mode, requires a lot of toning, bleaching and lighting, which is not at all good for the health of your hair. You can try complete golden blonde hair or medium blonde hair with light blond highlights. If you are brunette and planning to go blonde, my suggestion is - never attempt it at home or on your own. Always find a skilled hairdresser to do the job. More on dying black hair blonde.

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Once you become a perfect blond with the blonde hair dye that works, then hair care becomes extremely important. You must always use hair care products that are specially made for the people with blonde hair. It will prevent your hair from turning brassy. Well, this was all that I had to tell you about the blonde hair dye. Enjoy!
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