Dying Black Hair Blonde

Dying Black Hair Blonde

Whether you wish to restore your blonde hair or want to dye your black hair blonde, there is a specific technique that needs to be followed and can be done from the comforts of your home. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a salon, why not call a friend over to help you out with the switch. Although a long process, dying black hair blonde is not impossible. The easy way would be to strip the dye (if you have natural black hair) and start over with the color remover. But this technique is really harsh on your hair, plus you might have to find a color that dyes well over the orange that's left behind (not a pretty picture). The next option, mentioned in the steps below for hair dye, is time consuming, but gets the job done and isn't as harsh on your hair. Read more on dark hair with blonde highlights.

Dying Black Hair Blonde at Home

Think twice before you begin to dye your black hair blonde. You can always dye back to your natural color, but that would be putting your hair through a lot of trauma and harsh chemicals. And we are trying to minimize your expenditure and not increase them with the experiment. Read more on blonde hair colors.

Step 1: The first step will be to purchase a good leave-in conditioner and use it with your usual hair care regiment. You will need to start taking care of you hair before dying black hair blonde. Plus, you do want to do absolutely anything to minimize the breakage or dryness of hair. Read more on dry hair.

Step 2: Purchase the highlight kit, the lightest one that you can lay your hands on (except for the platinum blonde color). The lightening solution will be absorbed through the dye and visibly lighten your hair. Follow the instructions provided on the box accurately. Perhaps in the first try, your black hair might not turn blonde completely. The lightening solution will gradually transform them to the color mentioned on the box.

Step 3: If you have dyed your hair before, then the color will have to go through layers of the previous colors. Make sure you purchase the hair color from a trusted manufacturer. Leave the solution in your hair for the entire time mentioned (even when you feel that your hair is lighter than expected). The reason for the light shade might be the look of the mixture, and your hair may not be as light.

Tips on Dying Black Hair Blonde
  • With no restraints on your hair type, avoid shampooing at least 12 hours before and after dyeing your hair. This practice will yield the best color results. Read more on choosing the right hair color.
  • After shampooing, don't flip your hair as the water beads will leave colored spots everywhere.
  • Place some cotton balls over your ears and a cloth on your hairline while applying the color. This will help you in cleaning off the dye quickly.
  • If you or your friend is helping you apply the color, wipe off any dye that might have gotten on the arms, legs, or anywhere else.
  • Keep couple of clothes soaked in warm water next to you to wipe off the excess dye; one for your face and the other for the items around you.
  • Make sure you're wearing your old clothes; moreover, wear a button-down shirt, so that you can take it off easily before washing the hair. Read more on hair dyeing tips.
  • If you have long hair, beyond shoulder length, purchase an extra box just in case.
There are some after-care instructions to dying black hair blonde. Keep using the leave-in conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. Avoid excessive use of hair dryers and flat irons as they tend to break and "alter" the blonde color of the hair. Reduce going into the swimming pool and out in the sun without any protection, as your color may turn greenish due to the chlorine and UV rays, respectively. Last, but certainly not the least, wait for about 3 weeks before you apply a fresh dye in your hair, and keep using the lightest shade possible.
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