Blonde Hair Colors

Blonde Hair Colors

Blonde hair has always been in trend. Natural blonde hair is very rare and can be found in only two percent of population all over the world. Some children are born with blonde hair, but over time these blonde shades convert into brunette or dark hair. Thus, not everyone of us has natural blonde hair color. So, if you want to go blonde then you need to color your hair with blonde shades.

Now, there are different blonde hair colors, that include, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, dirty blonde, ash blonde, etc. Each of the blonde color looks great only on specific skin tone. A wrong decision of choosing blonde hair color can upset you a lot, and hence it is necessary that you choose a blonde hair color that will suit you. Moreover there are different hair styles for blonde hair. A right combination of blonde hair color and hairstyle will surely make a great makeover. Now, let us move on to know different types of blonde hair colors that suit different skin tones.

Different Blonde Hair Colors

Blonde hair is nothing but fair hair color which contains very low level of dark pigments. All the blonde hair colors have a tint of yellowish whitish color. Some blonde colors are very pale while some are mixture of red hair and blonde hair. As mentioned earlier, natural blonde hair is very rare, but there are many ways by which you can go blonde. You can color your hair with blonde color or bleach your hair. Lighter shades of blonde, like platinum blonde cannot be achieved if you have dark natural hair. At such times bleaching of hair needs to be done. While some blonde hair colors can be easily attained by simply using a blonde hair color kit. Given below is a list of various blonde hair colors.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color: Platinum blonde hair, which is also called as towheaded, with a tint of silver is the lightest color among the blonde hair colors. This is a very eye catching color and if you want to stand unique in the crowd you should get this blonde hair color. This color is considered as one of the best blonde hair colors for pale skin.

Getting a platinum blonde color is quite risky since one has to bleach the hair completely to attain this hair color. Hair bleaching is a hair lightening process that involves use of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and since platinum blonde is the lightest shade, you will have to bleach the natural hair color completely.

Ash Blonde Hair Color: This is also a light blonde color that gives an ash like tint to the hair. If you color your hair with complete ash blonde then your hair may look complete grayish and give an older look to your face. Thus, you can go for a combination of ash blonde and dark blonde tones. You can have highlights of ash blonde to the lower side of your hair. This will make a great multi toned blonde look.

Yellowish Blonde Hair Color: This blonde hair color gives that sun kissed look to your hair. With its yellow shades it looks great on any type of hair texture. If you have fair skin then yellowish blonde makes a perfect choice for you. Avoid using this blonde hair color if you have medium or dark skin tone.

Sandy Blonde Hair Color: This blonde hair shade is grayish-hazel or cream in color. Sandy blonde color looks good on skin tones with cooler shades. It is a neutral type of blonde hair color which is neither too pale or too dark. This blonde hair color will look great on you if you have good hair texture and have some nice long hairstyle.

Other Blonde Hair Colors
  • Pale Golden Blonde
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Honey Blonde
  • Butterscotch Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
This was a summary on blonde hair colors. You can stick to one single blonde color or have a multi toned blonde look. Make sure you choose a blonde hair color that suits your skin tone and you have a right haircut that will enhance your blonde look. It is recommended that you should consult an hair expert to choose the right blonde hair color for you.
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