Skin Mole Removal

Skin Mole Removal

A mole, or melanocytic naevus, is an overgrowth of colored skin cells called melanocytes in the body. They may be present on the body at birth or may develop later in life. On an average, there are 25 moles on the human body and the color of these moles vary, as per the color of an individual. These moles are harmless and need no medical intervention. However, skin moles become a problem when, either their number increases drastically or their appearance changes suddenly. This may be an indication that there is something wrong with the health of an individual. Often, moles are one of the symptoms of skin disorders or even skin cancer. Moreover, the excessive growth of moles on the skin, hampers the appearance of the person and shatters his/her confidence. In such cases, removing the moles is the only option. However, one must proceed very carefully, as many cosmetic, surgical or even natural procedures that promise to remove the mole permanently, leave ugly scars on the skin These scars sometimes become more evident than the mole itself.

Skin Mole Removal
There are a few effective procedures of skin mole removal, which should be performed by an authorized and qualified professional only. These include -

Surgical Procedure
Surgical method of mole removal from skin is often recommended to the people, in whom moles indicate cancerous growth. You may need to consult an oncologist to decide which of the moles needs to be removed. Surgical method not only removes the mole from the surface of the skin but also removes the underlying tissues. This is done in order to eradicate the cancer cells. Surgical procedure of skin mole removal makes use of three methods-
  • Excision Method with Stitches - A surgical blade is used to cut the mole and the underlying tissues in an oval shape. Stitches are made on the surface of the skin. The size of the excision would depend upon the size of the mole and the degree of growth of the cancer cells.
  • Cauterization - The mole is burn sutured with the help of a cautery tool. No stitches are required in this procedure.
  • Shaving Method - The method involves shaving off the mole from the skin surface. This is mostly recommended for the protruding moles. Since, this method only removes the mole cells from the surface, the underlying mole cells may cause the mole to regrow.
Cosmetic Procedure
Cosmetic procedure involves skin mole removal with the help of a laser beam which bursts the cells. The laser beam heats up the cells which are broken down and are then absorbed by the body during the healing process. This method works best for small, flat and new moles. The procedure is not performed in a single session, but takes multiple sessions to remove the mole. Moreover, the mole may not get completely removed, but may only become light in color. The advantage of cosmetic surgery procedure is that, it is not painful and leaves no scars afterwards.

Natural Procedure
Natural method of skin removal makes use of herbal topical skin creams, which blast the mole cells naturally. Before applying the cream, scratch the mole, so as to let the cream penetrate inside the skin. A scab develops within a couple of days, which should not be removed manually. It then falls off naturally to reveal a healthy skin underneath.

Skin mole removal by any of the above methods is effective and removes the mole permanently in most of the cases. In case of surgical procedure, care must be taken regarding the infection that may arise post-surgery. Moreover, in either case take an opinion of your physician before proceeding to any skin mole removal treatment.
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