Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Many of us have tried highlighting their hair with different hair color ideas, but what are lowlights? Highlights add brighter hair color to your original hair color, while lowlights for hair, also known as twilights, do an opposite job. Lowlights add darker hues and tones which are of a subtle color shade. They are less flashy than the bright colors of highlights, but still give great texture and hair color look to your hair. For example, accompanying blonde hair with lowlights of black or brown, can give a subtle and natural hair color look.

Getting Lowlights
One can opt for lowlights whenever they want to, but most people go for these hair color ideas during the winter or fall season, as less time is spent outdoors during the colder seasons, the hair is exposed to less sunlight which makes the natural hair tones go gradually dark. In such climates, the lowlights can add style to your hair, and give the hair a fall-winter look. Lowlights can be used any time to give a fresh stylish look, and add more texture than highlights. It can be also be used to correct loud highlights by toning it down with a more natural shade.

Selecting Blonde Hair Lowlights
Whenever selecting a color of lowlights, make sure you select a color which is three shades darker than your natural blonde hair color. Blonde hair with dark lowlights are more noticeable, as they are won't blend easily. To add more variety to the hair color choose several shades in similar hues. You can also combine your blonde hair with lowlights and with few highlights to add more texture to your hair. Take great care to select a shade of lowlights which goes well with your skin tone, and doesn't make your skin look too pale or pasty.

Blonde Hair Lowlights Options
There are different shades of blonde hair like platinum blonde hair, ash blonde hair, blonde hair with yellowish shade, slightly golden blonde hair, golden blonde hair with light blonde highlights, sandy blonde hair and multi-tonal blonde hair. So keep in mind your natural hair color and find a shade that is 3 times darker than your natural hair color. Shades like deeper blonde suit people who have platinum blonde hair, ash blonde hair or yellowish blonde hair. If you are going for blonde hair with brown lowlights, then colors like caramel or coffee can be opted for. Shades of honey and beige can be opted by people with natural light blonde hair. Avoid going for blonde hair with black lowlights, unless you have very dark blonde hair. If you wish to go for blonde hair with dark lowlights then select the darkest shade of brown and gray, but try to avoid shades of hay or cream.

To maintain your lowlight hair color, use color preserving shampoo and conditioner, which will help in prolonging the life of your color treated hair. Another important hair care tip is to avoid exposing your hair too much to the sun, as this can lighten the hair color. Applications of lowlights might be needed frequently, like every two to three weeks for hair which has fast growth. But people with long hair or layers might need reapplications every two to three months.

This was all about blonde hair with lowlights. It is important that you get the lowlights from a professional, and select the right shade with the above mentioned tips. So, get the right shade of lowlights and maintain it longer with the above hair care tips.
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