Unique Piercings

Unique Piercings

What is it about piercings that makes a person stand out in a crowd? Be viewed as different? Why do they automatically seem to exhume a unique sense of rebellion or a sense of quiet confidence with those unique piercings of theirs? Maybe 'coz it's different and not common. So I hear you've wanted to get a body piercing done forever and ever, and not just any piercing but one of those cool unique piercings that's bound to get others to drop their jaws and your parents cringe (but that's apart from the point).

So if you're looking to buy into the idea of some cool unique piercings, then why choose something that is hackneyed? You don't necessarily have to do that. These days it is possible to get some of the most unique piercings done that you might not even have thought of! So what are some unique piercings that I keep mentioning here? Read and learn:

Unisex Unique Piercings

Mind boggling choices today in the market of unique piercings people! Read and see what I mean. Some of these are pretty difficult to fathom but for those of you who are hardcore 'piercers', I think you'll like them.

Double Nape
So this one goes at the base of the neck, just below the hairline. But instead of a single ring with two silver globes at the end, you have two of them pierced opposite each other in an 'A' styled line. Such that there are four globes pierced onto your neck. Cut your hair into a style that highlights these or let them do their trick when you simply brush your hair aside (if you have long hair). Looks best with short hair and compliments a tattoo at the upper end of the back beautifully.

Vertical Industrial Piercing
A vertical industrial piercing is one of the most intense ear piercings. It has several designs to it and can be used in very many forms. But the basic design runs like this - There is a long vertical stick that pierces through the ear and goes through and through from the upper ear to the cartilage. The piercing is done in two parts as a result. The vertical stick is what can be seen in the center of the ear and it is with the two ends that a lot of experimentation can be done. The upper and lower ends can have designs that will be visible if you take an aerial view of the ear (for the upper one) and the lower end can either end at the lobe like a normal ear piercing, or it can come out from the back of the ear, but that will then not really be visible. The two ends can also be combined to form different designs like from the helix to conch, conch to rook etc. This piercing is quite painful and takes about 4-5 months to heal, so do not do it if you're not sure about it.

Ear Cage
A ear cage is like an industrial piercing but instead of one vertical line, there are several rods that are pierced at different sections and crossings of the ear to make it look like the bars of a cage-hence the name. One of the most intense piercings, it is advised that you speak to your tattoo artist before trying it. This is one of the most unique piercings for guys!

Vertical Earl/Earl
An earl piercing is done with a horizontal curved barbell and comes at the bridge of the nose, in between the eyes. One of the most unique facial piercings, it usually has two globes at the end of the barbells. Due to it's unique position and due to the fact that there is not much flesh in that area, it is a surface piercing and the risk of infection and rejection is high. Usually a curved barbell is used for this one because a straight one may cause tension at the curved bridge. The vertical earl will run from the center of the eyebrows (or slightly above) and end at the top of the nose bridge. Many people do both types of earl piercings to form a combination.

One must really really love lip piercings to do this one! Fangs, as the name suggests, is done in a combination of two barbells. Done on both sides of the center of the lip, the 2 upper globes come out at the upper lip, below the nose and the 2 lower globes come out at the bottom of the lips. They distantly form a 'V' though the ends don't meet as they do in other forms of upper lip piercings.

Monroe Piercing
This is one is a rare, really cute unique piercings for girls! The Monroe piercing is done at the side of the upper lip and has a design that resembles a beauty spot or mole. And I really don't need to tell you where the name comes from or what inspired it, now do I?

Other Unique Piercings

Here are some other unique piercings:
  • Get one done at the place where your cleavage starts or slightly above.
  • People have handweb piercings, that are done in the area between the thumb and the index finger.
  • Genitalia and nipple piercings have started gaining more and more popularity in the recent times.
  • The vertical labret piercing is like a normal labret piercing, but instead of one globe that is placed at the lower lip area, there are two globes and the other comes out at the upper lip.
  • Lip piercings are usually done with rings and are placed anywhere on the lip (either side or center).
  • An upper scrumper piercing is done in the inside of the mouth at the web that connects the upper lip to the gums (just above the two front teeth).
  • A septum piercing is usually done with a ring and the ends come out from both nostrils.
  • Arm surface piercing is done with bars which have globes at the end, these can be as many as one wants and are usually done such that the globes are opposite each other in one straight line.
  • The tear drop piercings are done with two barbells that have globes at the end and placed below the eyes on the upper cheeks going away from the face.
  • An uvula piercing is done on the uvula (that small protruding part that is between the tonsils and can be seen when we open the mouth wide.) It's usually done with a ring.
So tongue piercings and nose piercings are rather common are they? Then just think of it this way - if you have the part, it is probably possible to get it bound into a piercing! Opens up a whole lot of possibilities doesn't it? Now you can go and get one of those unique piercings for yourself and do make it a legendary one!
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