Hair Color Ideas for Men

Hair Color Ideas for Men

When you're bored of your natural hair color, you can always try a new one! It is a common understanding that coloring hair is not very healthy for it, which is true if you do it regularly, with high ammonia hair colors. Men however have a different texture of hair, which is strong, rough and can tolerate ammonia on a higher level. This does not mean that you can color your hair very often because that way even they can become weak and turn brittle. Hair coloring should be done once in six months and that too with a color that has very low ammonia content. When you have a natural hair color like black, dark brown, light brown, blond or sometimes even gray, it's always nice to get a change. A new hair color makes a very big difference in the way you look, and thus trying something completely opposite may or may not be a great choice. To help you out, we have a few hair color ideas for men, in the following paragraphs, so take a look!

Crazy Hair Color Ideas for Men

When you think of changing your natural hair color to something else, you almost lose that color for the next one year. So, make sure you want to get a color change, because there are many examples of hair blunders which occur due to choosing the wrong color. You also have to make sure, the color suits your skin tone and whether you want to get streaks, hair highlights or some other hairstyles. Men usually don't have hair as long as women, and it is also known, that the time taken for their hair growth is lesser than women (hence, blunders could be safe). In the hair color ideas for men, you can opt for single toned, two toned and multi toned hair highlights or simple colors to make you look very attractive. Therefore, find some funky hair color ideas for men given below, and take your pick!

Single Toned Hair Colors
There are many different hair color ideas for men in single tone, as it is very easy to get. Single tones are not complicated and have simply one uniform shade all through the hair. They look much better than highlights if you are a corporate and working man, since multi tones would surely have the entire office staring at you! There are millions of shades you can choose from for these single tone hair colors, but make sure they suit your complexion. If you are fair, dark colors like black, browns, blond, burgundy and reds, dark purple, etc., will surely give that classy and rich look to your face. These colors also look great for dark and Latin-American skin too. What ever you choose, make sure you get the right hair color for you!

Double and Multi-Toned Hair Colors
These hair colors consist of a mixture of two shades, which are completely opposite in color, for example, black and blond, red and purple, brown and red, etc. These combinations of hair color for men can be more than two colors as well, as you can get either streaks or hair highlights done in any part of your hair. If you are one of those who wouldn't mind flaunting funky hairstyles with a suit on, you can come up with any color combinations and match them with your personality! It's always fun to have a brand new look, which is completely unexpected and have yourself feel confident to carry it. Two toned hair colors look brilliant as they give you a very stylish and unique look, so if you're thinking of something crazy, make it two!

Types of Hair Color
Apart from how your hair can be colored, there are many types of hair colors which can also be used in medium length hairstyles for men. These types are permanent, temporary, semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair color products. In the permanent type of hair products, the color stays for a longer period of time and there is more amount of ammonia to keep this effect. Whereas, in the temporary type of hair color, the hair can lose it in a shorter period of time. The rest of the two are also temporary types of hair colors, as they also have a specific duration of leaving the hair, for example, about 28 to 30 shampoo washes. There are many shades of hair colors and styles which are incorporated for men too, and they look as stylish as they do for women.

With the above mentioned hair color ideas for men, you can have multiple styles and ways of making your hair look very attractive. Thus, if you need a change, make sure it's a radical one, as you have to hear those girl's "woo whoo", don't you?
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