Here is a small selection of beautiful wedding dresses that could inspire your wedding in 2009!
These are beautiful wedding dresses often tailor-made for a successful marriage indeed!
If a groom in a tux can wear a top hat, who says a bride in a gown can’t? Choose a top hat in the same shade of white as your wedding gown, and add feminine elements the look by wrapping some French netting around the hat.

The classic wide-brimmed hat made out of straw looks beautiful swathed in organza and netting.

Spring Wedding Trend

2009 Color Wedding Trend Another Pictures

Wedding Color ideas for 2009. The above colors have been noted on MANY popular color trend websites as the HOT TRENDY colors for 2009. Enjoy! Have fun!!

There are many fantastic locations around the world where you can have your wedding on the beach. It is not possible to get married on the beach in all countries with a coastline.
In many countries it is not possible due to marriage rules requiring marriage only in specific places such as municipal town halls, in Churches or in other religious buildings. But there are still many locations where a beach wedding - usually a civil marriage - is possible.

Ceremony Wedding Beach

For a ceremony on the beach you can achieve some really beautiful decoration to make the day really special. It is wise to use an expert local wedding planner to help with this & the legal side - in many locations there are some truely talented wedding planners that can create wonderful beach wedding decorations - but it is often possible to arrange everything yourself. Planning what to wear is important - light fabrics are essential - both for the bride & groom aswell as the guests. Flat footware - not always popular with the guests - is also essential. Keep in mind to have lots of liquid to keep everyone refreshed.

Tips the Perfect Wdding Beach

To make your beach wedding more perfect here are a few good tips to remember:
1) Mobility!
While the image of a couple and their guests barefoot on the beach is quite romantic, it's not that practical unless your guest list is on the small side. Walking on sand can be awkward and older guests may not feel comfortable doing so. Some beach locations don't allow for seating so your guests may have to stand throughout the service. As an alternative, consider a ceremony set up on a boardwalk or grassy knoll that overlooks the beach. After the vows, the bride, groom, and photographer can go down to the beach for those special shots.Don't miss The Complete Guide to Weddings Abroad with it's complete beach wedding guide for choosing & planning a perfect beach wedding.

2) What to wear!
If your ceremony is held directly on the beach, you'll want to opt for a dress that is no longer than tea length. Since your guests will be barefoot too, it makes sense to inform them that the event is somewhat casual.

3) It gets hot!
Most beaches are wide open without any tree cover to provide shade. Depending on the season and location of the beach, guests at midday events run the risk of getting scorched by the sun. Remember that besides the air temperature, the sand gets really hot too. In fact, in some locations, it may be downright uncomfortable or painful to walk on the sand. You may want to schedule a morning wedding or one at dusk to avoid any heat-related problems.

4) Quality of the sand!
Some beaches are powdery soft while others and strewn with beautiful (yet sharp!) seashells. At some beaches, you and your guests may need to wear sandals to prevent being cut on shells or coral.

5) Sun glare!
If your wedding is at midday, you run the risk of sun glare. (That's right. A million photos of the bride and groom squinting at each other as they recite their vows.) Before the wedding, go to the beach at the time your wedding is slated for and determine which way to face in order to minimize glare and discomfort for the bride and groom and guests.

6) Noise!
You want your guests to hear every word of the ceremony and the vows that took hours to write. Yet, a beach can be a pretty noisy place. Make sure that your ceremony is not set up too close to the crest of the waves hitting the shoreline. (Outgoing tides are quieter than those coming in so you may want to check a tidal chart before selecting your ceremony time.)

7) Bugs & Insects!
Depending on the season and ceremony time, mosquitoes or other uninvited pests may become a problem. Light citronella candles or make sure everyone applies bug repellant before arriving to the beach.

8) Getting permission!
Many beaches are public or on the grounds of a state park. You'll need to get check local ordinances and get the approval of the county clerk's office or the management of the park. In many cases, you'll also have to pay a fee for a permit. The se governing agencies will also let you know if chairs, arches, open flames (candles), and musicians are allowed on the beach. Check these details before falling in love with any one location.

Don't miss The Complete Guide to Weddings Abroad which will show you the best resorts, the best beaches, the best planners, more tips plus everything you will need to know for your perfect wedding day on the beach!
Source : http://www.4321.co.il/beachweddings/
One of the most memorable keepsakes from a wedding is the cake topper. Unique wedding cake toppers are a perfect way to immortalize this special day. A glance at it in the china cabinet can bring all the memories of the special day flooding back – even years later.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Cake Toppers:
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas: Memorialize the First Date. What better way to mark the occasion of your wedding than by recalling your first date?
Couples often speak fondly of their first date. Whether it was a good one, or a complete disaster, it's a tale that's often regaled for years.
A unique wedding cake topper that recalls some element of that date encapsulates time in an unforgettable way. Did you all get caught in the rain, have a bonfire on the beach, ride go carts like teenagers?
Whatever your special date was, you can have a unique wedding cake topper made to remember the occasion by.
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas: Memorialize the Engagement. Following along in the same vein as the idea mentioned above, unique wedding cake toppers that memorialize engagements is a romantic idea that many of your friends will probably want to copy.
The day you declared to the world that your commitment was going to be permanent. Imagine this sitting atop your wedding cake, the day you sealed the promise you made to each other when you got engaged.
An “engagement cake topper” can be one of you all as a couple, of your wedding rings, an eternity symbol – the possibilities are endless.
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas: Memorialize Your Life. Many couples live together before marriage. They may have purchased a home together, have a child together and/or weathered a tragedy together – all before the big day.
All of these make excellent ideas for creating unique wedding cake toppers. A cake topper that resembles the home you all purchased together; or one of you all as a family if you have a child/children; etc.
However the two of you want to represent the life you are sharing – and will continue to share together – can be represented in your wedding cake topper.

2 Tips for Choosing Unique Wedding Cake Toppers :
With so many ideas, you may have a hard time choosing the perfect cake topper. Particularly at this time when there are so many other pressing decisions to be made.
Following are two things to keep in mind:
a) There is no such thing as a perfect cake topper. The most important thing to keep in mind as you plan your wedding is that you are marrying the person you love. Everything else is secondary – including choosing unique wedding cake toppers.
b) Rely on your subconscious: As in, what about the two of you pops into your mind when you think about your significant other?
Remember, choosing unique wedding cake toppers is about savoring memories, not the topper itself.
Article Source : www.weddingcaketoppers.com/

Beautiful Wedding Cake Topper Pictures....

Make a Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper :
Each one will be created with your ideas, designs and specifications. The portrait cake topper is based on your photographs. It is designed to look like the bride and groom and includes custom wedding attire, shoes, hairstyle, veil and bouquet. You send in pictures of the couple including images of their clothes and or activities that they like to do, and we make a wedding cake topper based on your input. These are typically done in polymer clay and will last forever.

Customize Wedding Cake Topper:
ustom Cake Toppers make your wedding day enormously impressive and unforgettable." MicroDwarf custom and personalized caricature figurines make anniversary cake topper, wedding cake topper, cat cake topper, wedding cake dog topper idea, firefighter wedding cake topper, military cake topper, marine wedding cake toppers, Harley Davidson wedding cake toppers, humorous wedding cake toppers, monogram wedding cake top, golf wedding cake toppers, funny wedding cake toppers, blonde wedding cake topper idea, western wedding cake toppers idea, Chinese wedding cake toppers idea, medieval wedding cake topper idea, navy wedding cake topper idea, birthday cake toppers idea, Christmas cake toppers idea, wedding anniversary cake toppers, customized wedding cake toppers.http://www.squidoo.com/

Ceramic Wedding Gift Description
We supply the wedding gift ceramic

-hugging salt & pepper ceramic gift, Hugging Salt & Pepper Shakers

We have a new design of ceramic gift
- gift for wedding
- gift decor in home, restaurant and hotel.

If you are interest please feel free to contact us.
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I will sent the description and quotation to you for your consideration.

There are varieties of bridal designer collections with a UK touch. Wedding dresses from the 16th Century down to the early 20th century have been used in many weddings recently. In the 18th and 19th century weddings, brides wore many colors. It is not until the 20th century that traditional wedding gowns were embroidered in white color. A wedding gown would be passed down the family for generations and preserved for years. Many of these costume collections can be seen in British museum collections, still with their lace and satin in near perfect condition. The art of dress was at a highpoint in the British colonies during the Victorian and Edwardian era that, according to many, has never been equaled. The Victorian obsession with character, morality and grace was due to the ultimate display of the wedding dress. Their magnificence and elegance can be observed in the Cincinnati Art Museum and many websites that offer antique information on British history and traditions.

Calla Lily Wedding Candle Pictures

Why should you choose a Calla Lily Wedding Theme? They are one of bridal favorite flowers among with roses. They are exquisite and yet delicate, setting the scene for a romantic and classic celebration.

Originally from South Africa, they represent beauty and purity. You'll find this flower in many colors, but white, pink and yellow are the most popular ones. Diego Rivera included them in many of his works, so you can also use his paintings as inspiration when setting the scene for your event.
You can find the timeless beauty of this flower in almost any type of accessories for your special day. From invitations,to the Centerpiece Set , to candles , to napkins, to celebration glasses, this beauty is everywhere!

My only recommendation is that if you decide to have also a fresh flower bouquet, decide to do so with a professional florist, due that it will be difficult to assemble the perfect bouquet yourself. The long stems can make it a challenge for you to achieve the perfection you want for your bridal bouquet.
You can use only this beauty only in white or you can have a selection of different colors. Consider also applying some butterfly items in your decorations to accentuate their beauty.
Article Source : http://www.creative-theme-wedding-ideas.com/

With their delicate appearance and fragrant aroma Calla lilies are a popular wedding flower and theme. Selecting one of our calla lily wedding invitations will help you will set the tone and mood for your upcoming nuptials.
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