There are few women who have a model’s body. However, every woman has some charm and it can be highlighted by preserving the style and choosing how to dress smartly. Use the following tips about dressing:

* Extra large tops and tight tops are not for you: choose those that touch your skin softly.

* Avoid the three-quarter sleeve T-shirts, three-quarter sleeve blouses and sleeveless ones. Square necks are better than V-necks.

* Bubble skirts and mini-skirts are not advisable: it is better for you to wear a knee-length skirt or mid-thigh length skirt.

* Wear straight pants. Avoid too tight pants and flared pants.

* Always keep the neck and face uncovered.

* It is advisable to wear medium width belts, neither very wide nor very narrow.

* Don’t wear clothes with large prints. Also, avoid wide, vertical stripes.

* Avoid long jackets: generally you should prefer the hip length jacket, lower than the waist (4 to 6 inches).

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