Here Comes the Color of Henna

Although mehndi is generally used in many occasions all around Pakistan, the wedding ceremony and Eid specially has become synonymous with this beautiful dye. It is traditional for the bride on their weddings and all the girls for Eid to get together with her female family and friends on Chand raat (the night before Eid) to apply Mehndi. As the patterns used are very intricate and time-consuming, the occasion is filled with fun and laughter. Every girl wants her to be the most beautiful and elaborate than anyone else’s. Pakistani mehndi are fine, slim lines for lacy, floral patterns covering entire hand and also forearms. Most traditional henna patterns are based on very simple shapes - circles, triangles and lines are the most basic. These shapes can be combined to create a very elaborate pattern and a very beautiful henna design on palm.

The Arabic style of henna is varied from different culture, but the term is often used to describe flower-patterned designs, designs that leave some open space, or designs that don't have design such as different shape of different things like faces of cartoon or some other funny faces etc.

The designs shown here represent a range of styles mostly influenced by the popular designs in the world.

The mehndi designs meant for hands include flower curve, flowery shadow, fluky lotus, leaves style etc. While decorating an entire hand, one can start where it is most comfortable, depending on the design. Common starting points are the line where the fingers bend bordering the palm, the wrist, or the center of the palm. It is usually easiest to begin by covering the palm, and then doing the fingers.

Popular to jazz up any occasion using colored glitter gems or pearls to match the colors of the outfits. Glitter mehndi/henna lasts only for the day itself.

The Mehndi trend is getting fame day by day. The new innovation in the manufacturing of mehndi also enforces the users to create new ideas and designs to apply it.

The Latest trend of 2010 is to apply Mehndi with glitter that will get sexy impression on Mehndi night and other evening parties. Some of the Patterns are share in the pictures attach to the article post.

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