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The picture above I think is the picture that made Allison Stokke famous on the internet. It was apparently taken unposed and without special lighting nor makeup nor stylist during a Track Meet and yet Allison Stokke looks like a Goddess. I can’t believe she did not pursue an acting or modeling career based on the reactions on her photo on the internet. She currently is a Pole Vaulter on the University of California Berkeley Track Team. She was the National Freshman Record holder in the pole-vault in 2004 through 2008 and won the California State Meet. Here is a back view of her at a track meet. She is a most Beautiful Pole Vaulter girl.
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She is Beautiful top U.S. pole vaulter and she is Very Sexiest Woman in Vaulter world.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress
by Jane Martin
When tiny girls spend their maths classes daydreaming of weddings ( instead winning the World Series — not to assert you can’t do both ), what do they dream of first? The perfect marriage dress, naturally : a gown in ideal embellishments, and sweeping train, the perfect embellishments, and the perfect shoes.

Many brides are lucky. They may search low and low, braving chilly dept stores and in your face bridal shops, but eventually they come face-to-face with The One. They know this is The One as they start crying, or their mum or chums all start crying instantly. All of the planning …. the tone, the tone, the right kind of venues …. it all springs to life.

Other brides aren’t as lucky. They’ve searched just as hard, working their way through shops across 3 or four states, but they have not found The One. Instead, they’ve found three or four Contenders, all of which are serviceable and nice, but not earth-shattering sufficient to tell them that now is certainly time to stop the searching and get on with the planning. These brides have it harder.

Even if you’re the 1st sort of bride, purchasing the dress is sort of a significant call that you run a risk of falling into that wallet-skinning class known as the Two-Dress Bride. These are some tips for picking the perfect dress and avoiding that awful fate.

1. Bring the entourage, but don’t buy. It is fun and useful to bring your mother, friends or sisters on the dress-shopping expedition. It gives you a buffer against an overbearing sales staff, and it’s entertaining to see whether your impressions of perfection are shared by your family and friends, not to say how they’ll love being an element of such a critical call. But whatever how ardent everybody gets over a certain dress, don’t buy in the heat of the moment. Give yourself time to rethink and buy with a cool head later, alone. The overwhelming majority of dresses are non-returnable, so when you have purchased it, you have acquired it.

2. Don’t buy too early unless you must. Bridal robes can take four to 10 coming months from the maker, but there’s no reason to buy over a year ahead of time, unless your chosen style is going to be abandoned. Give yourself some time to sit on your call. When you pick a robe, you can see a hundred others almost like it. You can become a walking encyclopedia on that style of gown. All the better if you still have room to choose.

3. If you have acquired “The One,” stop shopping. Any more window-shopping at this point will only lead you down the line toward the dreary land of Two-Dress Brides. What you want to do instead is remember that ecstatic sense of having tried on The One. Go get The One out of the closet, put it on and stand out front of the mirror. You will remember precisely why it is the One.

4. If you have acquired “The One” and can’t stop shopping, get a 2nd standpoint. Show your first and 2nd selections to other brides. Be truthful — tell them you’ve already remortgaged your apartment for the 1st dress, but you think this second dress might be It. They’ll be truthful, too — the first one was better. You can feel reassured.

5. Don’t tell yourself “I’ll sell the old dress and select a new one.” This old saw of the Two-Dress Bride just won’t work. You can never get more than a fragment of what you paid for your first dress if you purchased it new.

6. Don’t be afraid to aim high — irrespective of what your budget. Some brides knew from the start they wanted a designer label, but life just did not cooperate by making them heiresses. Yet all is not lost if you are prepared to shop courageously. At any given moment, a better-heeled bride is selling her once-used St. Pucchi or Ulla-Maija on eBay. She paid thousands upon thousands, but you, smart patron, will pay half that or less. To take this road, you have to shop sooner than other brides so you may have a choice of gowns.

7. Shop online, but never send a check. Bridal robe companies infrequently have a technique of vanishing overnite. Irrespective of what the proprietor tells you, never make a purchase as large as a marriage robe without the chargeback protection of a credit card. If they assert they cannot take plastic, move on.

8. Don’t hold out forever for The One. Some brides never find The One. What they do find is a few dresses they look gorgeous in. If you are this bride, try beginning your planning from the theme rather than the dress. You will potentially finally get sick to death of dress shopping. When that happens, “good enough” really will be good enough. Concentrate on other aspects of the marriage that mean a lot to you, like the venue, the food, or the inevitable adoration of your soon-to-be husband.

article source : http://www.weddingplansecrets.com


Casual settings for wedding for beach wedding gown are gaining ground due to many reasons today. As per tradition, formal weddings were definitely the order of the day but today, a lot of new ideas are being incorporated to make the entire process of planning a wedding an easy task. Brides-to-be no longer wish to have long trails of cloth behind them; many young girls wish to bend the rules towards finding something more wearable. My dream wedding would be a nice casual wedding by the beach side overlooking the sea. It's just a dream and in my dream I would be married at sunset and my ring would be basking in the sunset glow as I held it up the heavens.have a fun..
The neckline of this simple Vera Wang wedding dress and its short length are perfect for a bride who wants a not-too-serious dress.

Short wedding dress is a beautifull wedding dress. Short dresses are a rising trend for prom and homecoming. They're easy to wear and let you show off those legs and your cute shoes! You'll find above-the-knee styles, hi-low hemlines, angled hems and tea-length dresses. Perfect for homecomings, holiday parties or formals, semi-formals, cruise wear, guest of the wedding and more.

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If you are planning your wedding and you need some ideas for a wedding cake, get the perfect wedding cake for your wedding.
Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

by Zoe Wesson, May 15, 2009
Wedding is a special event in any ones life isn’t? Can’t agree more on this! Well, everyone got their own dreams about wedding and brides are no different! They plan for the event, they dream for the event. Why not? It’s the only event where the bride gets her one and only chance to get their special event perfect. Many, in fact everyone still has a great confusion while choosing a wedding dress. Here there are ten small tips which will helps you wipe your confusion and have a happy wedding with both the special and lovely look.

First and foremost, you have to know the overall look of your wedding party when you go about selecting bridesmaid dresses. It would be hard to select any sort of dresses without having proper dimension of the event in mind. If you are utterly confused and you desperately need someone’s help, why not consider inviting your friends to give their feedback about their styles and preferences? It would be much better to know about their selection process too, just to know how their selection goes!
When considering dress outfits, measurements play a crucial role. You can’t wear a dress in which you look uncomfortable and awkward, you need to ensure proper fit. You can consider local bridal boutique which can handle and can help you in determining the correct dress size of your choice. Also consider the kind of attendants that are invited, their status and overall style to match the leit-motif of your wedding party. If invitations address formal outfit, you can’t have bridesmaid dressed in an informal garment and vice versa.

Dress color is as important as the dress itself. Try to visualize the theme and colors of your wedding as well as the dress color of your choice. If wedding comprises of pastel palleted theme, consider choosing a dresses inside that color pallete, would be the appropriate thing.

If you have problem in determining how to differentiate between formal and informal dresses, you should check various magazines and books regarding ceremony protocol, but always remember that this choice is personal and the bride's style has to be alive throughout the whole celebration.

Ease of movement and comfort are of primary importance. If by any chance you need to dance at your reception people should appreciate your selection of bridesmaids and brides dresses. If you want everything to be perfect, you should also consider weather factor along with the reception's overall pallete and personal preferences. Would you feel comfortable if you had a long-sleeved dress during mid-summer? Always consider the weather factor into account.

Everything is available in World Wide Web thanks to the internet. You can always place research on the internet for online stores and and admire through the galleries of the the designer’s website, which can give you an idea about the look and quality of the dress; as well as guiding you according to your ideas and preferences.

How to Dress Like a Princess for Your Wedding
By ufstar82, eHow Member
Step 1
Check magazines and websites for current bridal fashion trends. Look for full ball gowns with crystal bead work to bring out the "princess" theme.
Step 2
Make appointments with bridal salons and bring photos of gowns you like. Try on gowns that compliment your body shape and that make you feel like a princess! Ask the store which colors their gowns are available in--princess style gowns can be ordered in baby blue, pink, or champagne colors in addition to white and ivory.
Step 3
Try on accessories to complete your princess ensemble. A tiara is a classic way to really feel like royalty. Choose between long chandelier earrings or a rhinestone or diamond necklace. Wearing both can look too heavy around the face.
Step 4
Glass slippers may not be realistic (or comfortable), but jeweled heels should do the trick. A closed, pointy-toe shoe is elegant and timeless. A strappy, jeweled sandal is a more modern twist for a princess.
Step 5
Consider an up-do for your hair. Teasing the hair to add height at the crown of the head will keep you looking sophisticated and glamorous. A chignon or French twist are classics, and large curled tendrils pinned up loosely will feel more relaxed.
Step 6
Finally, top off the ensemble with a cathedral-length veil. Add volume with two to three layers of tulle and set the veil just behind the tiara. For added detail, choose a veil with beading or scattered rhinestones.
Source : www.ehow.com/

Trendy wedding gown styles are so varied, they easily allow today's bride to express her unique individual style.Look and feel like a princess in the wedding dress of your dreams

Princess Wedding Dress

Sarah Jessica Parker dons the princess wedding dress, designed by Vivienne Westwood
Detail :
Demetrios- Princess
Style Code: 9571 WC# 43912
Silhouette: Ball gown
Waistline: Dropped
Bodice: Princess
Dress Length: Floor
Neckline: Strapless
Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
Train Style: Chapel

source : www.demetriosbride.com
Trumphet Wedding Dress Picture
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