Hair Colors for Black Women

Hair Colors for Black Women

When it comes to hair coloring you can go with a hair color, that gives a subtle textured and natural look to your hair. Or you can go with bright and unnatural colors, which give a fun look. However, the first thing you need to understand while picking up any hair color idea is to check if you have warm skin complexion and eye tone, or have a cool skin tone and eye tone. Most black women have cool skin tone and cool eye colors, however some women can have a warm skin tone and eye color. Here are some more guidelines, that will help you pick the right hair colors for black women.

Hair Coloring Tips for Black Women

Cool Category
Women with dark brown complexion, or with a wheat-like complexion with light pink color in the cheeks or no color, or women with bronze or brown complexion after tanning, have cool skin tones. The cool eye colors are blackish brown, dark brown, grayish blue, dark blue and hazel colored with light flecks. Hair color for black women, whose skin and eyes belong to the cool category, should always opt for cool hair colors, and avoid any warm hair colors. As warm hair colors can make you face look sallow or drawn.

If you belong to the cool category then there are many nice hair colors for black women to choose from. Blonde hair colors for black women include cool shades of blonde like, ash blonde or mink. If you don't wish to color your hair, then on shiny raven black hair highlights of honey, wheat or ash color can look great too. Women belonging to this category, can even go for unnatural hair colors for black women like shades of purple or burgundy, and still look great.

Warm Category
As already mentioned above, most black women belong to the cool category. However, certain people might belong to the warm category, if they have warm skin and eye tones. Women who have brown skin tone, with pink or golden undertones or have a freckled complexion have warm skin tone. And, the warm eye tones are hazel eyes with brown or golden flecks, golden brown eyes or greenish eyes. If you have such skin tones and eye tones, then you belong to the warm category, and the right hair colors for you are any warm hair colors, otherwise cool skin tones can make your face appear washed out.

Black women who fall in the warm category should be careful, while picking up any warm shades. You can use a photo editing software to check if warm shade suits you. Warm and dark brown shades look great on people who fall in the warm skin category. Colors like warm blonds, chestnut brown, auburn look great on women who fall in this category. For summer hair colors for black women, you can go with highlight ideas like golden brown streaks, golden streaks, or copper streaks. Shades of shiny blonde hair and red hair colors for black women also look great.

This was all about hair colors for black women. Make sure you pick the right shade for of hair color for hair dye or highlights. If you wish to go for textured subtle hair colored look, then go with many skinny streaks. You can also consider hair lowlights, if you wish to have a fall look. If you wish to get funky colored hair, then pick some bright shades of hair color, and get 8-12 chunky highlights. You can color or highlight your hair using a hair coloring kit, you can ask a friend to help you with the job. However, if you wish to go for lowlights, then seek professional help.
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