Scene Makeup Ideas

Scene makeup, scene hairstyles, scene clothing, this is all you hear in the fashion world nowadays! Scene girls do not put very dark makeup like the goth girls nor do they have elaborate makeup styles like the emo girls. They have their own unique style, which is quite colorful and most importantly, very easy to imitate! Thick eye makeup and wild hairstyles are a must for a scene girl look. You can achieve the scene hair by reading this article on scene hair. For scene makeup ideas for blue eyes, brown eyes and the rest of the eye colors, scroll down.

Unique Scene Makeup Ideas

As stated earlier, scene makeup is quite easy to put on, all you need is a little practice and some bright makeup shades. Before starting the makeup, gather all the things you will need for it. These things include; black eyeliner, bright shades of eyeshadow, mascara, fake eyelashes, concealer, transparent lip gloss, and eyelash curler. Remember, in scene makeup the focus is on the eyes, the rest of the makeup is mostly light. So now that you know all about scene makeup, lets learn to apply it!

Step #1: Just like any other makeup, start with foundation. Apply a light coat of foundation followed by concealer. Apply the concealer below the eyes and everywhere else where there are blemishes. Take some foundation on your palm, add a drop of water to it and then apply it to your eyelids. This will work as a primer, helping your eyeshadow to stay long. Do not apply too much of foundation as it will turn your complexion to 'white'.

Step #2: Choose a bright colored eyeshadow like pink, bright green, red, lavender, fuchsia, pewter etc. Start applying the eyeshadow with the help of an angular brush, starting from lash line and continuing till the bottom of the brow bone. After the application, wait for a few seconds, check for harsh lines, brush them off and then move to the next eye. The bright eyeshadow will help emphasize your eyes. Read more on scene makeup for green eyes.

Step #3: Add another dark shade of eyeshadow like purple to the upper and lower lid, extending it to the outer corner of the eye. Make sure that both the shades are blended nicely, and complement each other.

Step #4: There are many types of eyeliners, however use liquid eyeliner as it spreads well, does not form clumps and lasts longer. Start applying the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer corner. Apply a thick coat and create a small wing like structure beyond the eyelid for a dramatic eye makeup look. You can apply the liner to the lower lid also. To make it look different, apply the eyeliner only to half of the lower lid. You can even create a cat eye makeup effect by applying thick coats of eyeliner a little beyond the eye.

Step #5: Finish the eye makeup by applying two coats of mascara to the eyelashes. But before that, apply false eyelashes and curl them. Curling the eyelashes makes the eyes look wide open, also giving them a bigger look.

Step #6: Tint or simply color your brows with eyebrow pencil which is a shade darker than your hair color. Eyebrows with a perfect arc also add in the beauty of scene makeup.

Step #7: The last step is to apply little bronzer or blush on the cheeks. Apply the transparent or nude lip gloss, avoid using a dark shade. Remember, in scene makeup the focus is on eyes, rest of the face has a pale look. With the completion of this step, you are done with your scene makeup. Read more on cool makeup ideas.

These were some easy scene makeup ideas for you. As you must have observed, applying scene makeup is quite easy, all you have to do is practice. So with these simple tips, you can get ready to flaunt your cool scene look!
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