Makeover Tips

Getting a makeover once in a while is good for your self esteem. It changes the way you perceive yourself, and the way the world perceives you. A makeover begins when your attitude towards yourself changes. It is when you realize that you are ready to transform yourself, to become someone who wishes to make an impact, and leave behind an impression, that you have set off towards discovering a new you. Just changing the way you dress, your hairstyle and your makeup, is not enough. The confidence and attitude with which you carry off these changes is what matters. If you think you have it in you, take a look at some of these self makeover tips, and turn over a new leaf.

Quick and Easy Makeover Tips

Women are almost constantly unhappy about something about their appearance, and something they want to change about it. Now, men aren't too far behind when looking for ways to get a makeover, so that they are more noticeable. And then there are those who are so comfortable in their skin, along with being impeccably groomed and well-spoken, that they make you turn green with envy. If you want to be one of those people who are a cause for envy, take a look at these quick makeover tips for girls, for women, and some male makeover tips.

Get in Shape
Whether you need to shed a few kilos, or put them on, pick a physical activity you like, and get in shape. Working out not only affects your body, it affects your skin, and your confidence. When you know you look good, your confidence will not waver. Moreover, no matter how much you would like to deny the fact that you like the way your body is, you know that you deeply hate having to wear over-sized clothes to hide the bulge, or on the other hand, not having any curves to flaunt. Getting fit and healthy gives you the pleasure of being able to fit into just anything you like, which is simply divine. Remember to keep your diet in mind, and get a good night's sleep for that flawless, glowing skin.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
The 'this is not me' attitude is not going to work if you want a makeover. The very fact that it is not you is why you are looking to have a makeover. It's time to try something different, and something you've never tried before. Get hold of the latest edition of a popular fashion magazine. Go through it and find out what's in vogue in the world of fashion and clothing. You are bound to find some interesting fashion tips for girls, as well as some fashion tips for men. You don't have to invest in everything it asks you to. In fact, choose the styles you like and those that you think will suit your personality, and you're bound to find more inexpensive versions of those outfits at a local sale. If you're having trouble making a choice, get hold of a fashion conscious friend who can help you out, and who will give you an honest opinion about the way you look in a particular outfit.

Opt for a New Hairstyle
Changing your hairstyle is the cardinal rule of all makeover tips. Women, you don't always want to be a doe-eyed meek girl, neither is your tomboy image going to last too long. Opt for a feminine yet trendy look. Long hair is genuinely beautiful, and when styled in the right manner, it can transform your overall appearance. Even if you have short hair, there are innumerable ways of styling it. You could try choppy layered hairstyles, or layered hairstyles with bangs. On the other hand, if you want to go short, choose from these short hairstyles for women. Then, go shopping for some interesting hair accessories to make the most of your new haircut.

Men, you need to change your hairstyle too. Chop off the long locks if they already belong to you, and if you have very short hair, it's perhaps time to let it grow a little and go for the messy look. Ditch the side part, it is completely out. Take a look at these articles on hair makeover for men and messy hairstyles for men. If you are unsure about what style will suit you, go to a salon that can give you professional advice on the perfect haircut for you, depending on the shape of your face, and your personality.

Makeup and Skin Care
A little makeup never hurt anyone. Apply some light makeup when you leave your house, whether it's for work, or just for a coffee date. Kohl-lined eyes, or a layer of lip gloss can make a world of a difference. Apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF for that glowing look. Sometimes, a small amount of eyeshadow in a neutral shade can give your makeup the much needed finishing touch.

Men may not apply makeup, but following a skin care regime is an absolute must for you too. The 'metrosexual man' may not be in anymore, but certain basics do not change, and skin care is one of them. It is only when you start following a good regime will you be able to notice the difference in your skin before, and after.

Always remember to accessorize. Though sometimes the 'no-jewelry' look for a perfect outfit strikes the right chord, even just a pair of earrings as an accessory will definitely enhance your look. Apart from jewelry, invest in scarves, jackets, hats, and even the right shoes. These accessories are applicable to all you men too. As you get acquainted with these accessories, you will learn how to wear them to look your best, and eventually make them your personal style statement.

Grooming Your Personality
Invest some time in personal development; the way you walk, the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, the way you behave among a group of people, and what you speak about, all affect the way you are perceived. It does help to be well-informed, so that you can make a contribution to a conversation, and leave an impression that is lasting. Remember it is not wrong to have an opinion. You don't always have to agree with the common consensus. However, keep yourself open to the opinion of others. Also, be open to newness and adventure, to trying out something you've never done before, just like this makeover!

Getting a makeover is not about fitting into stereotypes, neither does it change the person you are. It just introduces you to a more charming version of yourself. As mentioned before, for these makeover tips to work, you have to be mentally prepared. Once you've applied them, notice how you have all heads turn in your direction. Good luck!
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