In case you are going for a red-carpet event and you are wondering what to wear, go for the fashion creation of an iconic designer – Halston.

The designer that prepared the official gowns for many Oscar winners is now having a new symbolic dress – The Halston Chiffon – Lurex Ruffle dress. It is a special occasion dress and it is certainly made to impress.

The designer’s dress is already praised as one of the best dresses of the season, for it is light, official and truly sparkling. The ruffles, which are extremely modern this season, are another reason to go for this gown. The price of this stunning dress is $3,435, which is a figure that clearly says – this dress isn’t for everyone.

In case you don’t want to spend so much money on a single gown, go for long dresses with ruffles. The colors must be in the neutral palette and just as Halston did, go for the romantic look. Chiffon is the fabric of the season, when it comes to exclusive events. The eternal fabric has always been a symbol of luxury.

Try to combine it with floral motifs or ruffles and you are ready to be transformed into the fashion princess of the ball.

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