This season the office outfits are more colorful than ever. The latest collections of the biggest names at the fashion scene are trying to improve the office etiquette with more colors, classic tailoring and clean silhouette.

short suit

Short suits are the bespoke hit for the office jungle. Go for lightweight fabrics and hues. The high heels are also the perfect accessory, which are just another way to escape the usual boring look in the office.

red outfit

The business-wear this season requires bright colors such as the coral red. Trench dresses are more than welcomed, especially those with the military look, which is back at the fashion cat-walk. The belts are large and they resemble even more the military outfits.

trench dress

The trousers are in green fresh colors and above the knee. Another bespoke trend for the office is the slouchy trousers, but keep in mind about the right proportions.

slouchy trousers

The trousers, which are good enough for cocktail hours and proper for work, represent really smooth transition of moods and colors. Blazers are another must have for the office, but make sure they fit your skirts and whole vision.

white dress

As for the accessory, feel free to wear large jewelry and crystals, which are turning to a tendency for the office look.

chanel handbag

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