While the new fashion collections for this Spring-Summer 2010 season have a great importance at this time, the truth is that, little by little, the fashion firms are showing us what is coming for the upcoming season: Fall-Winter; so, even if you are wearing a bikini right now, it would be a good thing if you spend some time to check out the colors and nice clothing pieces that would be good options to wear when the warm days terminate.

Apparently, Carolina Herrera never rests. This designer is always ready for releasing new things and setting trends in the fashion industry. At the moment, her eponymous company has made public just a small part of the next collection for the Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011 season.

In this opportunity, this designer of Venezuelan origin wants to dress women with classic and feminine looks by emphasizing the sexy parts of women’s body like shoulders, legs, and waist with the possibility of stressing the most elegant facets of any woman in a completely natural way.

With this collection, what we will have is a set of several options. There is a variety of dresses, some of them with clear references to past times, which can be perfectly combined with short coats, sweaters, big coats, and scarves. Even, the ponchos have been reinvented in order to make them a more glamorous option.



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