Normal Timepieces: wrist watchesThey are strange but original and they make our eyes focus on what we are looking for: the time. This original watches series has been designed by Ross McBride, one of the creative minds of Normal, a design house with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

McBride’s designs for these accessories, which help us to measure the time, are sold under its own brand: Normal Timepieces. This brand has a complete variety of alternatives to know if we are late or if we have more than enough time, which is very important when we have a lot of scheduled tasks every day.

These watches have hands and numbers just like any other watch, although they are not as normal as its name suggests: its hands are not ordinary hands. In this case, the hands don’t move on a surface that covers the entire watch; instead of that, you can see the time through two perforations, which are the “hands” of these watches.

McBride’s watches include clocks and wrist-watch models under the same concept and small differences. The frames are silvered and the board is black or white, the same as the belts that are made of leather or stainless steel (if you prefer a silver belt). They seem normal, but actually they are very peculiar. These watches are modern and have a cool design. So, these accessories, which are so common in our society, now have a new way to show the time.

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