Winter trends: military-cut winter jackets

No doubt the military style is one of those trends that come and go with the seasons and it always returns with new features. In the past, celebrities have worn them too: Madonna in one of her music videos (American Life) or Demi Moore in the movie G.I. Jane.

Military-cut jackets are a trend for this season, with a sober and classic style that transports us back to Waterloo with armies in war. The military style is a trend originating from the XIX century, including velvet or wool garments with golden buttons in double row.

Nowadays, the military-cut jackets have a Sargent Pepper style. However, it is different to the Michael Jackson’s look as if he would have been participating in a circus band. Instead, the current trend has a sober and elegant style in dark colors, mainly black. These colors emphasize the golden buttons and some embroidery details.

Military cut jackets

The fashion house Balenciaga follow this trend since three years ago. In particular, this fashion house is well-known for anticipating new trends that, at the beginning, look rare and extravagant, but then they become a must-have trend. Other examples of these trends include gladiator sandals or ethnic handbags.

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