Striped designer clothes are backJean Paul Gaultier and Lacoste are the most important cases in this trend that wants to transfer the heat from the beaches to the cities.

Long coats with socks, short and long skirts, t-shirts, tops and coats; use them as you like: you will get one of the coolest styles of the season.

This trend arose in the decade of the 1920s with the health promotion through sport. The intention was to give women an appropriate look in order to carry out their new role, because until that moment they were not very important in the sports world. Coconut Chanel appears as the designer who would give a glamorous style to this new feminine role with her so-called “jumper ensemble”. That was the combination between some tight and tiny shorts with long tops that allowed to see just a part of the shorts. In that time, the stripes were present on the clothes (in more or less quantity) to get a fresh look, which is perfect for women.

More than 80 years later, the stripes or lines are in fashion again. The difference is in the way in which they are used: stripes on stripes. Thin striped vests with thick striped shirts, vertical striped skirts with horizontal striped tops. That is the new nautical look.

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