A stylish closet has all the essential staples that can offer the chance to its owner to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends

. Must have prints in your wardrobe include all the designs that flooded the catwalks and represented the ebst means to admired designers to realize their own style operas. From the complex digital patterns to the classic and timeless polka dots and back, all manage to add a groovy tint to our outfit repertoire. Purchasing clothes that have these chic details is the first step towards boosting our mood as well as style-consciousness and confidence.

Prints used as the main tools of fashion masters to create outstanding and eye-popping looks are present on the runway with great prominence. Completing our wardrobe with the new and creative designs is a method to add a funky flair to our appearance. Depending on our body shape as well as skin tone and features we can skim through the multitude of patterns launched in the fashion industry.

Classic and time-tested fad prints managed to survive the decades and engrave themselves in the top notch elements of a chic wardrobe. Stripes, dots, checks as well as the latest floral, animal and digital prints establish the strong bond of fashion designing with modern arts. Be a great artists and use your creativity when mix/matching the right patterns. Find out which are the must have prints in your wardrobe that can make the proper statement in all circumstances and all events.

Sonia Rykiel 2010Chanel 2010 Spring

  • Floral: The latest prints top is dominated by the preference of designers for floral patterns. Those who are eager to sport their favorite flower from roses to lilies in all sizes and designs will have the chance to purchase dresses and basic clothing items as well as accessories. Choose XXL prints in a water-color look if you would like to show off your worth-admiring silhouette.

    On the other hand if you practice a more restrained and moderate clothing style make sure to have some mini-floral patterns in your closet. Popularize them with your cute handbags, shoes and even statement pants. Make sure you won't abuse of this fashion trick and avoid flooding yourself with various pieces with versatile floral prints. Instead choose a single item that is decorated with flowers and match it with a plain colored top or pants.

  • Issey Miyake 2010Matthew Williamson Spring 2010

  • Graphic: Graphic prints target the future when creating unique outfits. From the sight-challenging effects to the clear and more comprehensible ones all crown the runway designer collections. Combining a multitude of colors or restricting themselves to neutrals, all will serve as the best instruments to perk up the plain effect of mono-chromatic tops, shirts as well as dresses. One of the additional assets of graphic prints is their ability to substitute accessories. These prints speak for themselves and won't require any backup from statement and additional jewelry as well as belts or other details. Instead it's enough to sport a similar look to rise above the crowd on the spot.

  • Moschino Cheap and Chic 2010Moschino Cheap and Chic 2010

  • Polka Dot: Vintage as well as retro-inspired and last but not least Rockabilly fashion takes a deep bow in front of polka dots. These youthful and animated prints will have a groovy effect on our image. The stylish sack dresses covered with dots as well as the colorful pants proved to signature wardrobe staples of the alternative style movements.

    Those who would like to engage into promoting this print trend should choose clothing items that are enhanced with these details in larger or smaller measure. The gurus of fashion managed to furnish the public with a spectacular selection of apparels that appeal to this fun flair. When picking the most flattering looks proceed following the same principle as in the case of floral patterns.

  • Paul Smith 2010Giambattista Valli 2010

  • Animal: Animal prints echo the oriental and earth motives from the tiger, zebra as well as leopard patterns. These are extremely stylish when sported during the hot season creating the perfect atmosphere for the sunny days. Regardless of the chromatic composition of the outfit, be it brown-, red- or yellow-based all will attract immediate attention due to the expressive allure.

    Fans of the Sahara and jungle-inspired looks will find the spring/summer 2010 collections extremely rich in their favorite pattern. Brave ones can appeal to wearing top-to-toe animal printed attires, on the other hand those who would like to keep the boldness of the tribal look on a moderate measure should choose one sole detail that is decorated with this style technique.
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