Restricting ourselves to a classy style of jeans or trousers would be a real pity as the fashion industry offers an infinite selection of stylish designs. From the form-fitting to boyfriend must have pants styles all manage to offer the proper support and pleasant visual effect for all silhouettes. The latest trends ally with the ageless refinement of neat tailoring to create the best combination to look smashing at all events. Inspect the A-list pants styles that conquered the heart of both the average public as well as style icon celebrities.

Ironically in the past decades femininity was accentuated with the help of a basically men's fashion style piece, the pants. From the various lenghts to designs and patterns all contributed to the development of an emancipated and equal fashion that allowed ladies to sport some of the stylish trousers as well as comfy jeans. These not only served as the best means to create some unique looks but also furnished the public with infinite options to look stylish and versed with the latest fashion trends. Designers were eager to line up a spectacular and versatile selection of pants that should be included into a stylish wardrobe. These are some of the must have pants styles that should occupy a front row position in your outfit repertoire.

Stella McCartney 2010Albino Spring 2010

Silky Pants

  • Those who are flirting with the idea of adopting a more sensual and romantic style should not skip the silky pants tendency. These pants of a floating and soft texture will add volume and curves to our silhouette. Though the chief condition to score the trend is to pair it with our body shape, the visual effect can be balanced with a pair of high heels as well as cute cover-ups.

  • Moreover these pants style reminisce the old time retro era when rising style icons as Marlene Dietrich offered high brow examples in how to sport similar basic clothing items. Paired with an airy shirt from a sophisticated texture as well as with a fabulous tunic were some of the most notable ways of popularizing this trend.

  • Matthew Williamson Spring 2010Donna Karan 2010

    Pencil Pants

  • Embedding the top pants style into our appearance can be done by opting for the time-tested and figure-flattering designs. Pencil pants are among the most sough-after styles both when it comes of tall as well as petite figures. Thanks to its universal quality of lengthening the legs it is ideal for all events. Furthermore both in a silhouette suiting as well as more loose and relaxed variation it can be paired with a voguish blazer and pierced into a business chic outfit.

  • However there's no need to sport pencil pants exclusively for formal events, instead it can be perfectly paired with flats still it won't have the same optical effect of lengthened legs. Celebrate the warm season with these uber-popular pants trend that is enjoys a paramount essence also in the designer fantasies of fashion gurus.

  • Kenzo Spring 2010Rue de Mail 2010

    Cropped Pants

  • Spring and summer grant us with the chance to sport our dapper cropped pants paired with cute wedges as well as flat Gladiators. Coming in various dimensions from the ankle- to knee- as well as mid-calf-length, either left blunt or rolled up all models succeeded in perking up our warm spring season wardrobe. Embraced by celebrities as well as style icons both on red carpet events as well as less formal appearances, cropped pants have offer dimension to the legs and lengthen them to even out the eventual disproportions of the body.

  • Both the mono-colored looks as well as the ones decorated with the must have prints will manage to become the central pieces of the outfit by attracting the immediate attention to our best assets. Match the breezy look to a trend or a simple blazer as well as fashionable tops. Remember this trend targets those who are eager to flash their footwear and sport some worth-for-praises heels and stilettos when aspiring for a feminine glamor.

  • Kenzo 2010Kenzo 2010

    Sequin Pants

  • One of the most delicate and glamorous pants styles addressing the 'bold and the beautiful' ladies is the sequin pants. These dazzling and mesmerizing style items made a voguish statement both on the red carpet as well as the runway. Those who meant to flaunt their non-conformists attitude towards fashion were free and advised to sport the latest designs, be it in loose or on the contrary form-fitting models.The sole condition to look astonishing in a similar exquisite creation is to wear it exclusively for special events since the blinding effect would do miracles only when paired with the right entree.

  • Moreover it is also a top trick to pair the sequin pants with a moderately patterned top. However it is not a rule to pair only plain tops, tunics and blouses with it, still it has to complement the chromatic structure of the whole outfit rather than contrast it. Heels are also nitty-gritty details of an overwhelming apparel. Therefore choose neutral tones shoes and special or classy designs to be the queen of the day.
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