Christian Dior's Cruise 2011 Collection starts off as an explosion of colors all over the runway, with major new trends and different styles combined together that present a new perspective which catches attention through Barbie-doll appearances and looks. The feminine side gets mixed up with masculinity and shows versatility in details and shapes.

One of world's leading fashion labels that have been in top for the longest time is definitely Christian Dior. Being a French designer, Christian developed a local brand into an international fashion house known for their luxurious designs and outstanding creations. Using France's elegance and refinement into all his creations, the brand took on the right path by being now of the greatest names in fashion's history.

With ups and downs and lots of criticism, the fashion label Christian Dior still comes with some of the strongest collections through every season and launches new trends and style that maintain the name and style Christian Dior, but wear John Galliano's print all over them. With his unique style, the name Dior leads especially in haute couture collections that release the most complicated in details and shapes creations that amaze an entire world.

The Christian Dior Resort 2011 Collection brings lots of colors into John Galliano's designs, where femininity meets fun and modern gets stuck into a splash of vintage next to futuristic shapes. To spice up this colorful ingenious show, Galliano brings rough and masculine materials into business wear looks and dark colors which present professional appeals to this childish yet sophisticated collection.

Working with delicate colors and soft materials followed by some structural pieces, the Cruise collection for Christian Dior presents a new touch of sexiness for this new season, where girlie details get mixed up with rigid shapes and express a new wave of different styles for 2011.

John Galliano uses his unusual style in this collection by presenting unique shapes where the childhood meets business and the colors don't go far from the theme. We have from candy-pink to leather black, marine blue, lollipop green, peachy orange, hot red and of course, pure white.

The trends presented in Dior's show come different and stunning than ever, where glittery pieces come next to rock'n'roll touches. Galliano goes from classy plaids, bow details, fedora hats with business suits, neon leather dresses, doll-corsets, biker's jacket, soft ruffles, floral prints, sheer and sequins or glitter details.
The doll-like hairstyles and make-up reinvent Barbie's image from John Galliano's side which presents her into a more original and unique point of view.

Images via Style.com

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