Being a teenager includes more then just going to school or learning, along with that comes fun and lots of parties, but one stands out the most, the prom party. Every young girl wants to shine on her prom, wants to feel sexy but not vulgar, wants glitter but to not feel like a disco ball, well she wants to feel like a princess but not that innocent. Check out next how to pull off the best look on your prom!

There’s no doubt that the most important night of the year for a high-school girl is the prom night. Why? Because it’s their chance to show themselves outside the box that they’re captured in for limited styling choices at school. And what girl doesn’t look beautiful in a princess dress, high heeled sandals, fairy hairstyles and a little make up on, while at school everyone looks sporty and the same every single day.

The best way to make your outfit stand you out is to be yourself and enjoy all those little moments with your friends. Also to choose the right dress and have the perfect look, you have to get the one that emphasizes your beauty and puts your body in value. Ruffles, sequins, flowers or bows are some of the it-details that bring live into a garment, and strapless or heart-shaped mini dresses take the lead in prom style, while shiny sandals accentuate the dress. In order to obtain your prom look dreamed, follow these rules to prevent other unwelcomed surprises.

Rule nr. 1 – Check out what’s out.

First and first in an important outfit the “check out” means getting information. Look for several dresses on the internet and get an idea about what shape of dress is right for your body, or look for colors that fit you well because that will only make your job in finding the dress even more easier.
After you’ve researched a little about what’s out there you need to look at several shops in your city and get a hint about what style you can adopt that fits your budget and yourself also.

TIP: Try to choose a dress that doesn’t have many like that in the store or if it has to be on a different color, because you don’t want to see someone else with the same prom dress like you, right?

Rule nr. 2 – Girlfriends help alert.

When you’re going shopping any time you need some help, but especially when it’s about something that important as a prom dress. Take your girlfriends out and start searching for the right dress, because you know it’s out there. This way you get help by helping them in the same time. Share your opinions about what do you thing will fit your friend too, because in order to get honesty you need to show honesty.

Rule nr. 3 – Get the dress.. and the shoes, the clutch, the earrings.

It’s done, you finally found the dress and you’re sure that’s the one, but wait.. It’s not over yet because it’s time for the other challenge. You may have the right dress, but there’s no perfect outfit without the perfect accessories. Do the same thing with the shoes as you did with the dress, make some researches and then go to the stores to find the real ones. Go for sexy sandals or basic pumps, peep-toe shoes, whatever it feels more comfortable because you know you’ll be dancing all night long. Also remember to buy yourself some jewelry, from earring to necklace to rings or bracelets, but it can’t be too much especially if you have sequins or glittery dress, shoes, make-up or something.

TIP: For a purse, you should go with a maxi bag if your date came with a car or you all got a limo, to fill it with some flats in case your feet hurt and make-up supplies to refresh it a little bit.

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