Marc EckoThe male attitude is back in style this winter. Smart-casual is back in a whole new way. Watch out for these hot trends in male fashion.

Designer jeans paired with a screen printed tee or band shirt topped off with a sports jacket is a hot look for men this winter. The loosely fitted cut of the latest jeans are the perfect medium to the baggy and skinny-jean trends of past seasons.

Checkered patterns and pinstripes are another hot fashion trend for men this winter. Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Hermes all offer a variety of suits, pants, and shirts in different color combinations that can be mixed and matched for a casual or dressy look. Men’s accessories in checked patterns and pinstripes are also hot this winter.

Stylish hats are also a trend showing up in men’s fashion this winter. Fedoras, newsboys, lowboys, and Kangol caps (just to name a few) in multi-colored patterns, pinstripes, embroidered with various characters are some of the hottest accessories for men in the cold season.

Burberry has lowboys in checkered patterns and pinstripes that will top off any male outfit.

Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hermes, Ecko, and Burberry are just a few of the designers whose winter fashions definitely reflect the mighty male attitude.

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