summer men's fashionMay we begin with “It’s OK to go with Pink”? Guys you won’t look like the tooth fairy if you don pink. A baby pink shirt can be very fetching indeed for all you hunks out there.

If summer is the time women reach for the pastels, do some reaching yourself.

Ditch the beige, the bland; do away with the dark and the drab. Experiment with some cool hued shirts this summer, to make you look hot.

Remember the color you wear reflects onto the face, so remember to pick colors that enhance your hair and skin color, to say nothing of your eyes.

If you have been chary of doing it so far, try the light summer suit this season. Give the dull heavy formality of the boring old dark suit a miss. Step out a bit with the light colored suit. So what if it feels a little unconventional, it may just take years off you!

As for the ties, stripes are just so last century! Experiment with polka dots, abstract designs, or even jewel colored solids. The right tie can light up your outfit and elevate it from the mundane to the eye-catching!

So step out in style this summer, with a little help from the color spectrum.

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