Discussion on shirts continue on the fashion market; and there is no reason to wonder, since Erik Brunetti’s FUCT recently launched the preview for their new summer and spring 2010 collection entitled “Erebus”, which means “Same Shit, Different Day”.

The main source of inspiration remains the wardrobe of an average working American man and contains t-shirts, button-up shirts and jackets. The materials used obviously include jeans and cotton, while the preferred colors are various tones of blue.

This year’s pieces are slightly different from the last spring and summer collection from FUCT, but they are all marked by the same maximum attention for details they have gotten used to.

The printing is another thing FUCT is not willing to put behind (just remember the ingenious bullet-trace printings on that blue shirt in the FUCT fall and winter collection in 2008 – too bad it was exclusively produced for Japan), as well as the cut-and-sew appearance.

The 2010 Spring collection by Erik Brunetti includes one piece of camouflage you will absolutely adore – it is suggestively entitled “Broken Tiger” which successfully completes the series of classic outfits suitable for each and every one of you, American or not, part of the working class or unemployed
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