Recently, the sisters have extended their own collection, which is called Olsenboye. So far, the line had been focused on sportswear and accessories inspired by the cities of New York and Los Angeles, but the Olsen sisters have decided to expand their collection by emphasizing a more international style.

Their new Fall 2010 collection (which is the third one) will be sold through JCPenney stores and it has a very British feel. London and the British way of life are the source of inspiration for these new creations of Olsenboyen London, which shortly will be worn by teenagers from many places around the world.


Olsenboye is sold exclusively by JCPenney, and it is a fashion line designed for preadolescents and teenagers. And, since it is targeted to young people, the prices are reduced to become more affordable than other clothing lines.

The Olsenboye London collection is comprised by shirts, some sweaters made of denim fabric, boots, shoes, handbags, and all kind of accessories. The line also follows the trend of animal print (nowadays it has become a must-have for the fashionable woman of today) and includes a lot of checked patterns, stripes, worn-out jeans, leggings, and garments with the symbolic peace sign, among others.


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