Blanco show us the advance of a fall that is coming with remarkable trends; for example: Blond laces, pastel colors, and sober flowers. Let’s see a first advance related to the looks of the Pre Fall 2010 collection that are being presented on the sly, so the novelties can capture our attention little by little.

As usual during transition times, the clothing pieces maintain certain continuity, especially regarding fabrics, highlighting the timeless denim and the most fine cotton fabrics. However, the design styles are different if we compare them to the summer trends. That way, we can predict the styles that will be present in our looks for the next six months: Romantic blond laces, a much more prevalent navy style, and military references that are adapted to a vital and eclectic woman.

This time, the femininity is represented by overlapping different fabrics on lace tops, draped dresses or blouses that are combined with jeans, and some blond laces on necklines or low necks.

In this collection, Blanco is showing us a trend that finds inspiration from military parades and trenches: It includes button sets that are a characteristic of some uniforms. Also, here we find the first peep toe booties in khaki of the season. As usual, accessories will add a likeable touch and they constitute an excellent and adequate contrast for the formality of some outfits: Quilted oversized handbags, golden necklaces, and a sunglasses line that adds glamour and a lot of personality.

Gallery (click on the images to enlarge them):

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