Flowers overtake the runway as soon as the Spring/Summer collections start and this time, this fashion trend makes no exception. Don't know how to style your floral prints up, yet? Well, we'll help you find out next! Get inspired and work those flowers up rightly!

What's the first thing that runs through your head when your think about spring or summer? Flowers, of course. There's nothing more beautiful for these seasons than what flowers express, a cheerful mood and an explosion of colors all over the place, especially on the runway, because we see it every time how designers present their skills into clothing pieces where nature seems to be a major influence and inspiration for their fashion shows. You've got a floral dress, clutch or even shoes and you've got no idea how to wear them? Then find out right now how to style this classic fashion trend!


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1. Dresses

Wearing floral printed dresses may be the easiest thing in the world when we're talking about styling it up, because sometimes you can work it out with a simple pair of sandals and a bag, but other times that's not the problem, finding the right shape for your body may be one. Always choose a dress that emphasizes your waist even if you're a 0 size or over weighted, because that dress will bring a balance between your whole body and make the outfit look very feminine.

In case you're wondering what shoes to wear, the variety is large and it depends a lot on your personal style. Choose for gladiator sandals, fringe-bohemian ones, Oxford shoes, summer wedges, anything.

Also remember that floral dresses are a classic must-have item because you can wear it in spring and summer with some sandals, but in the fall season you'll take those booties out and that cardigan and you're good to go!


2. Leggings

We all seen on the streets that floral printed leggings are totally in, and of course they look fabulous on everyone as long as you know how to wear them. How many times haven't we seen a major fashion mistake like wearing your any-type leggings with a too short top, or with the wrong shoes? Well, we have to do something about it and the only thing to do is to show them how to wear those leggings rightly. Take on your floral printed tights, add an oversized top or a long bohemian blouse, a pair of platform vintage shoes and an amazing bag that stands out.

Remember our advice and never ever wear leggings with short tops because you may think that they make you look skinnier but they don't if you're wearing them wrong. Leggings will bring out all of those sides that you need to hide.


3. Tops

Floral printed tops are definitely very easy to wear because since they have all those details going on, many accessories will be useless. With a pair of skinny jeans and some casual summer sandals, your outfit will stand out without being plain at all even if you kept if very simple. If you're planing on making an interesting appearance, wear your floral printed tank with a pair of lace shorts or a skirt, your fantastic clogs that are a must-have for this summer and a denim boyfriend shirt over. Well that's an outfit that will stand out in a second!


3. Handbags and Shoes

Sometimes floral prints don't come only on clothing items, accessories may go with the floral-mania too. Whether is your maxi bag or your brogues, you need to know how to wear them right. The key to a successful outfit with these items is simple. Wear an easy outfit because all the attention will definitely come on your accessories. If you're planning on using your vintage floral clutch for a special cocktail party then choose a sexy yet minimalist elegant little white dress, add a boyfriend blazer over and some nude pumps. If your shoes are floral printed than use a nude clutch instead. Remember that the matchy-matchy trend is totally out and never wear a floral bag with some floral shoes because for some you may look quite ridiculous.

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