Be more fashionable and sophisticated in this Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season, by updating your style with the newest trend that covers this year, classy comfy shorts. If you’re thinking they’re just a one-season item, for summer, than you’re totally wrong. Find out next how to spice up your outfits with a little less clothing and more skin!

Silk, denim or leather, slim, baggy or minimalistic, prints, colors or neutrals, everything gets mixed up in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season and takes a new shape when we’re talking about women’s shorts. If the season for shorts is definitely summer, now the things take on a different road.

It’s fall, it’s rainy, yet more skin seems to be uncovered, which looks lovely and classy, perfect for school days, hang arounds, night-outs and even business meetings, all with a splash of an urban modern look adapted to today’s fashion trends. Feminine and flirty, different styles get combined together, formed around one new leading trend, the fall shorts. Wear them rightly and be fashionable with your latest pair of stylish shorts!


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If shorts for the fall season are still an enigma for you and freezing in the name of fashion is not a choice you’re willing to make, than follow our advice of mixing up a pair of black colored pair of shorts with some dark green, midnight blue, brown or gray tights, chic knitted colorful sweater, a fabulous blazer over and a pair of over-knee leather boots. The effect will be remarkable and perfectly adaptable for any occasion.

In case you’re looking for a challenging situation, than a cocktail party will be an ingenious idea to work out your latest fashion addiction. Choose to go with an eccentric look, pop colors, beautiful materials, refine details and wild prints, all combined together will attract all eyes on you in a second.

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Georgio Arman


Georgio Armani

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