You think you found the perfect guy and you both are going at the perfect place at the perfect time, and of course, you want this to be the perfect date, right? Well, first dates are always a headache and styling may come hard on some. Make no mistakes and follow our advice on how to dress nicely for your very first date!

Everyone always says that first dates are the worst, and we couldn't agree more. Why? Because you never know what to expect. That guy you're seeing may be a psycho or the cutest person on earth. Who knows? And just because you don't know doesn't mean you shouldn't try it.
Dates are fun no matter what, if they go totally wrong it doesn't matter because after that you can laugh along with your best friend about it and sure you get more experience about different people, if it goes well, then there's nothing to complain about.

Still it doesn't matter just how you act at your date, it matters a lot how you dress up. Why? Because we always make a first impression just about looking at someone, and you want to get a good one from the very first look. You need to be amazing and confident!

The first date type of outfits are distinct from age to age, because you can't compare how a 14 years old teenager dresses up to a 34 years old bachelorette's style. Also it depends a lot on the place you are going and what time. If it's a dinner at a fancy restaurant you won't dress like a date at a soccer play of bowling. Run all the details through your head before choosing the right outfit.

1.Skinny jeans, black high heels, white tank top, elegant clutch.

This is the perfect styling idea that will take you out of the problem of dressing up. How many times we freak about because we feel like nothing from our closet is good enough? Well, this tip will take you out of trouble anytime. You may be a 18 years old girl or a 25 young lady, it doesn't matter. You will make a good impression with this type of outfit because you won't look simple yet you won't be overstyled. Also add a long necklace and some little bracelets plus a statement ring to spice that outfit.

2. A walk in the park

This mostly appeals to teenagers, but who knows, maybe your guy can be such a sweet romantic one and will take you on a walk. The perfect outfit for a day like this would be very easy, but you're full of emotions and very nervous and no idea crosses through your head.
Take that floral printed summer dress that you've bought for this season's trends and those wedges that you never wore. If you don't want to look that tall, flats or sandals are a hit too. As a hairstyle try to keep it as natural as possible, if your hair looks too bad then choose some messy easy curls. For make-up use soft colors, pink-orange shades are the best!

3.A day-time lunch

If you both are going for lunch as a first date, then the best way to get out well is to dress up as casual as possible. Of course, you can't take those old sneakers out, because you don't wanna make the impression that you do not even care. You should take a cute white summer dress, some soft sandals or even wedges if they feel comfortable and if it's going to be a little cold take your cardigan along.

For a bag try to keep it on the same line, a vintage bag will bring a touch of romance into your outfit. For your hair choose to straighten it up or maybe the same messy curls. Also, remember that the make-up needs to be very natural since it's a lunch, so use some foundation, concealer, mascara and a pale pink lipstick.

4. Fancy restaurant

If the guy that you're about to see has thought for a romantic dinner for the two of you, then you should complete the night with the perfect outfit that will make you shine and amaze him. The little black dress is the one that takes out of trouble once again. It's looks mysterious yet very elegant and will put your body in value.

Take some red heels if you don't want an all black outfit. Of course, the accessories are very important too. Choose a silver elegant clutch and some shiny earrings. As you can see the key to a successful outfit is to keep it simple, and the rest will come along too. Since now it's night you can bring out a wild side of you if the outfit doesn't say too much, so the make-up can be more outstanding, and choose smokey eyes for the same mysterious allure or play with those colors and make your eyes pop. The red lipstick can put a lot of accent on your lips too. For your hairstyle you should straighten it because it looks more elegant. Remember that it doesn't matter so much what you wear as long as you know how to wear it. Be confident and everything will work out great!

Images via Polyvore.com

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