Weave Hair Care

Are you bored with your hairstyle? Wondering how to change the way you look? Well, if you are facing the problem of thinning hair or just wish to bring about a change in your appearance, you can consider the option of adding a hair weave. The process of hair weaving refers to the technique of adding real or synthetic hair into one's natural hair. You can either have all your natural hair covered with hair pieces or have them interlaced to your natural hair. There are two ways of adding a hair weave. In case of the sew-in method, synthetic or human hair pieces are added to one's natural hair by using special needles and threads. The other method involves the use of a special hair glue. The hair pieces are pasted over the natural hair using this glue. The most complex and time-consuming method of adding hair pieces to one's natural hair is by way of hair extensions. If you have been toying with the idea of getting a weave hairstyle, you must also learn how to care for a hair weave. Here's some information on weave hair care.

How to Care for a Hair Weave
Planning to spice up your look using a weave hairstyle? Well, there are many quick weave hairstyles for women that can give you a perfect makeover. You can either use synthetic hair or human hair for a hair weave. Synthetic hair might work well for hairstyles such as braids or twists, but it might not look as good as human hair. For the hair weave to look natural, it would be a good idea to have human hair weaved into your natural hair. You can choose from different types of hair that are available. To get a natural looking hair weave, make sure that you go for a hair type that goes well with the texture of your hair. The weave hair care instructions might vary depending on the application and bonding method. You can either use the single strand method or have wefts attached to your natural hair by applying glue. These can also be attached using heat fusion or can be sown into your hair. Those of you who have added a hair weave might be looking for weave hair care instructions. Here's some information on weave hair care tips.
  • If you have had hair woven into your natural hair, you need to pay even more attention to the aspect of hair care. You have to take care of your natural hair as well as hair weave. Most of the times, people who have had hair interwoven or glued to their natural hair are scared when they shampoo their hair. Well, you must not skip shampooing. Just make sure that you shampoo your hair very gently. You must shampoo at least once every week. Those who don't shampoo will end up up with oily and greasy hair.
  • One of the most important weave hair care instructions is to moisturize your hair using a good hair conditioner. It is very essential that you use the best quality hair care products.
  • In case of a bonded weave, you must be careful while applying oil. Since excessive oiling can loosen the hairpieces, light application of oil is recommended.
  • You must also be very careful while combing your hair. Comb your hair very gently. You must never use a small-toothed comb. If you have glue in hair extensions or hair weaves, you must comb them in the direction in which they have been glued.
  • Using blow dryer or curling iron on the hair weave can make your hair dry and brittle, so use it sparingly. Excessive use of chemicals and hair dyes and exposure to direct heat can cause damage to the hair pieces. So, avoid over-processing your hair.
  • Whenever you go swimming, cover your tresses. This is to protect your hair from chlorine.
  • It would be a good idea to cover your hair at night. Tie a scarf around your hair firmly so that the hair pieces stay intact.
  • If you feel that your hair pieces seem to be slipping out, contact your hairstylist soon.
So, this was some information on weave hair care instructions. Now that you know how to care for hair extensions and hair weaves, there's no need to hesitate in getting your hair styled with the help of hair weaving techniques. If you have recently had hair pieces woven into your natural hair, following these weave hair care instructions will surely help in keeping your hair in good condition.
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