shoppingMen usually hate shopping in fact I have never met a man who enjoyed the shopping experience. Men may enjoy the feeling of new clothes and the idea of wearing new clothes to impress but men definitely do not like the idea or the experience of clothes shopping.

From picking out sizes and colors to the dressing room experience and even to the experience of standing in line at the cash register men are not inherently shoppers.

Before you leave the house to go shopping, inventory your closet and your fashion needs. Are you going shopping just for the heck of it to pick up something new? Or do you really need a new pair of linen pants, maybe a new cardigan or even just a pair of jeans?

By understanding what exactly you need to purchase you can decrease your chances of impulse shopping as well as know the exact sections of the stores you need to go to. This will make the experience a little quicker and a little less painful.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and do not wear a bunch of layers when you are going clothes shopping. Women do this all the time and we just add layer upon layer that we need to change out of in the dressing rooms.

So wear simply a pair of pants and a t-shirt that you can easily throw off and back on again. Wearing multiple layers and bad clothes-planning is oftentimes the reason people dread trying on clothes and dread the dressing rooms at department stores.

Take a female with you. Enough said.

Wear whatever type of shoes you would wear with the outfits or pants you are looking for. For example if you’re shopping for khaki shorts that you would wear with a t-shirt and jeans, then by all means wear a pair of tennis shoes or gym shoes while you are shopping.

If you are looking for nice dress pants that you will ultimately wear with a suit or maybe a dress shirt and tie, then by all means take a pair of shoes shopping with you that are dressier. These dressier shoes may also have a bit of a heel at least a bit more than a pair of gym shoes.

Think outside your box and outside your typical comfort zone. And get ideas from mannequins at the stores. If you are completely lacking in the creative department looking at outfits that are on the mannequins are a great way to put an outfit together.

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