Whenever we think about gifts all that runs through our head is happiness and joy expressed through one little (or not) present that instantly changes the mood of the person that receives it. But how many times haven’t you got a useless gift that doesn’t go with your style or it doesn’t fit? In order to avoid that, find out what are our top choices in fashionable gifts for men and women!

Surprises come differently for every person, some like to be surprised others prefer to make surprises, but what if your gift doesn’t surprise at all? If you’re finding trouble in getting the right present for your boyfriend, mother or best friend, than we’ve prepared a list with the best fashionable gift for both, women or men. From beautiful jewels to refine perfumes or other sophisticated accessories, buy a representative and meaningful gift, in order to surprise in the best way possible!





1. Watch or Jewels

Definitely safe and definitely useful. In order not to make a mistake out of the right gift, presents like watches or jewelry will always impress and they are a necessity. Jewels are mostly for women, because men avoid to wear gold or silver thinking it’s too feminine and we couldn’t agree more. Let’s safe those beautiful jewels for beautiful ladies.

Whether it’s a gorgeous bracelet, a set of glamorous earrings or a luxurious necklace, everything is well taken and will look lovely on any woman. Be careful with choosing something with too many details out of the ordinary, you need to keep it simple and classy, make it tasteful, especially if you’re not sure about that person’s reaction when they receive it. Never buy a ring as a gift, unless you’re willing to get married, because you might give your girlfriend the wrong impression and break her heart.

Watches are the easiest way out for women to buy for men, because it’s a must-have essential item in their wardrobe and really useful. The choice you’re making needs to be set on you boyfriend’s taste in accessories, if he’s a sophisticated fashionable man than playing with colors and shapes is allowed, but if he’s simply into sports and work, than choose to get him something elegant with a classic shape. There’s no way he wouldn’t like it.





2. Perfumes

Nothing seems more delightful than a new lovely smell and whether you’re a man or a woman, perfumes are essential, so why not find yourself that perfect sense for the one you love. You can choose to go safe with her/his already favorite perfume or you can pick something different, especially if you’re not exactly feeling her choice. Impress her/him with something new and maybe they will even change their favorite perfume. If you haven’t found the right one and you still don’t know what to pick up, than go for classic ones from major labels. Check out their top signature perfumes, because there’s a reason why they are popular, the sense if timeless and enjoyable.





3. Ties & Bags

Bags for women, ties for men. Those are must-have accessories for them and choosing to buy a fashionable gift like that will impress your loved one and you’ll actually grow in their eyes. Why? Because there’s nothing than a woman loves more in her wardrobe than her shoes and bags, but since you can’t buy shoes as a gift, bags will be the perfect solution.

Since you’ve decided to stick up with this idea, than buy your woman a bag that’s either memorable or indispensable for her. Go crazy with a wild choice of a handbag eccentric and fabulous in case she’s a sophisticated and a fashion-addict, but if she’s stable, classy and elegant choose to buy a useful bag for everyday, the one that’s she’s been dreaming for months and don’t be quite cheap with your money.

Ties are the perfect accessory for every man’s outfit, because it spices up a basic look with a touch of elegance so choose that item to be chic and cool. Whether you’re getting an outstanding color or a tie with beautiful details and chaotic prints, the idea is to make the tie represent well the person you’re giving the gift. Here, you don’t need to go with classics because every man has a bunch of boring and plain ties already, so make it special.



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