Finding a personal style is not easy for everyone and making a fashion statement through their everyday looks may come as ordinary and not at all unique, but at the end of the day we’re all different whether we express that through our fashion sense or not. If you haven’t found a style that represents you than check out next what factors may influence your fashion!

Our fashion guru and true iconic figure that represents the image of women through her classiness, elegance and sophistication, the one and only Gabrielle Chanel, has said once that “Fashion fades and only style remains the same.” with which we couldn’t agree more. Yet since style is eternal even if it’s developed by fashion’s wings expressed through trends, why doesn’t everyone have their style?

If you’re one of those women that haven’t found how the effect of a personal style can change people’s perspectives, now it’s time to make a change. There’s nothing more charming and seductive than a distinctive mark that makes you special from the others. Find out how to develop your own style through these steps!


Yes, we all have our inspirations and since fashion is expressed differently from person to person, the ones that stand out the most are the celebs. From tabloids to blogs, personal websites or the red carpet, world-wide known stars are inspirational figures for average people.

Look at sophisticated ladies that have marked fashion industry through their elegant and refined style like Sophia Loren, who put a major accent on her sexy shapes through clothes that made her look mysterious and classy even through revealing outfits, because her attitude was all into appearances and that matters more than every piece of clothing. Or check out Audrey Hepburn’s style, which is definitely undescribable and unique, classy and elegant, in one word, fabulous.

Let’s not forget about modern celebrities inspirations in fashion, starting with the eccentric singer Lady Gaga, who’s style has taken a futuristic side where minimal appearances have nothing to do with herself. Another fashionable celebrity that has rocked the red carpet, the clubs and the streets in killer heels, keeping always a flawless image and sexy sensual attitude attached is Rihanna. As you can see, the variety of choices is large and we only covered a tiny part, but ladies be creative, find your fashion icon and don’t be a copy-cat.

Sophia Loren

Audrey Hepburn

Lady Gaga



One passion that everyone has in common is music, some sing, some rather listen, but in the end we all love it. Whether the lyrics or the melody is what impress us, it doesn’t matter because it still affects our lives and we express it in different ways. Since music is an inspiration in everything, fashion is included on top because people prefer to show their passion for different musical genres through clothing and style.

From rock, punk, grunge to rap, urban r’n’b, pop or techno, indie, clubbing, now every modern genre has its own style. Look deep in what your musical choices are and try to get inspired by those styles.

Sienna Miller

Taylor Momsen

Christina Aguilera

Kanye West


At the end of the day, no matter what we do or say, our friends are those that know us best and the people with whom we spend most of our times, but does their style influence ours? Well, definitely, yes. Friends have a major influence on everything including style, because since you’re so close with a group of friends, learning from them, is inevitable. Since you are friends in the first place that means there are some common points between you all and if there are some differences you keep learning from everyone’s opinion, still it’s a win-win situation and a way to find your representative style.

Friends TV Show

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