Since summer's not exactly over and even if school starts soon, the party season keeps on going, but what are the basic rules for a party outfit? What is the best way to shine at every fiesta that keeps on going without too much glitter or over-styled looks? Find out the easiest way to look fabulous at any teenage party in a few steps!

Today's teenagers get wilder everyday and they become more independent sooner than their parents did, so parties are no news to any freshmen at high-school. Whether it's a club night, rock concert, live music festivals, birthday parties, underground parties or my-parents-are-away parties, every single type of fun has its own style now. If you're willing to adopt them all, it's your choice but we present the best looks for teenager's different party styles.

1.Birthday Party

The most common and known party where there's no teenager that doesn't participate are birthdays. Whether it's a sweet 16 or any other age, the outfit you choose means a lot, because even if you're not the birthday girl you still want to shine and look to die for. If the party is something special, then you can easily wear a beautiful short and sexy dress, but nothing too revealing because vulgarity is never in. Choose an eccentric color but try not to eclipse over the birthday girl/boy.





2.Rock Concert

Every teenager dreams to go to a AC/DC concert, or see the Metallica, but sometimes a local rock band plays at a good bar in your city and you plus your group of friends are headed to party along and have some fun. They may not be world-wide known but the rules for dressing at a rock concert are the same for every type of band.

Take on a loose T-shirt band, a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings, add some cool booties or a pair of All Star Converse and a chic leather jacket. As a hairstyle choose a messy pony-tale if it's too hot, it will look more feminine and beautiful along with that badass hardcore side you've presented. For make-up try not to overreact with the black eye-liner. Be more chic and add some red lipstick to your natural eye make-up.





3.Home Alone Party or Clubbing Night

This type of party happens a lot during a school year and there's nothing wrong with having fun from time to time with all the school at someone's place unless it's yours because than you'll have a headache the next day when you're going to clean up. If a friend throws a huge party after her parents went away for the weekend that means you have to look immaculate, fun and sexy. This goes as well for a club night where you enjoy dancing with your best friends and having the time of your lives.

If you don't want to wear a dress than a pair of skinny jeans will have a good effect on your appearance. Mix them up with a beautiful feminine blouse that either has a chaotic print or an eccentric color. If not choose a pair of shoes that will bring life into your flawless yet plain outfit. For your hairstyle adopt some natural curls or a simply straight your hair. Smokey eyes will look fabulous with your outfit and you can even play with different colors in order to look fun but not childish.





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