Zara continues renovating the Spring-Summer 2010 collection to adapt itself to the current temperatures and the new trends that, according to the crazy fashion world, are changing all the time; so, new styles appear each day and fashion brands adapt those styles to its collections. Sometimes, the adaptations are completed slowly, sometimes faster.


In its new lookbook, Zara opted for a folk woman with a bucolic style which has a naive appearance.


A main part of the style is related to the hairstyle and the selected shoes (a sort of wooden shoes). These two elements are repeated in a good number of looks that are present in this “Zara update”.


The hippie style is combined with the previous style, resulting in designs such as the one seen in the picture.


This combination of styles also includes special items such as a beautiful short dress, which is a definite link between the two trends.


However, not everything looks so bucolic and rural. A more urban style is also available but, of course, without abandoning that special and naive touch.


Definitely, the new sandals (or wooden shoes) are a very remarkable, interesting, and trendy ingredient for the looks, especially if they are worn with socks.


The young and lolita-pop style can be seen in outfits like this. Here, a wide T-shirt is combined with a cool design and printed short pants (very short).


For flirtatious women, a top-skirt outfit will be perfect in white and cream colors.


Earth colors are also perfect for Summer, especially if they are combined with beige or cream colors.


High-rise harem pants to be cool and comfortable during warm days.


And we couldn’t miss the black and white combination, thanks to the indispensable blazers.


Anyway, the black and white combination is also present in more chic outfits.


Lastly, for those women who want to look like Olivia Palermo or recall to the mind the style of their mothers, Zara offers the opportunity to go back in time (several years) with this outfit.

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