With major daily casual-chic summer influences on the runway, the Hermes

collection for Spring 2011, brings lots of energy and refreshing ideas in their menswear presentation, where light colors and bright pale shades seem to be the new black for this season. Check out next the sweet taste of Hermes in this collection!

Paris fashion Week for the Spring 2011 season in menswear seems to bring out a lot of different and unique collections from designer to designer where their inspirations are wrapped into fashion and trends are just a few key points from their influences. While the ideas are so diverse, the styles come along too by developing from every clothing item or accessory to entire overall looks.

While some fashion designers choose to go for eccentric urban styles or other for classic inspirations, Jean Paul Gaultier presents a collection perfectly made for summer, where flawless looks rule the runway through elegance and simplicity.

The Spring 2011 Collection at the Hermes fashion house seems to be more elegant than usual through minimalist details yet many accessories to embrace and present the new coming trends that follow a masculine and casual line, where chicness is expressed through perfectly styles looks.

By having a carefree appeal attached to his designs, Jean Paul Gaultier shows that spring is more about comfortable outfits that maintain a fabulous appearance through elegance. The soft pale colors express a relaxed attitude.

Even if the Spring 2011 Collection for Hermes doesn't stand out through electric colors or eccentric details, this line presents a new wave of elegance expressed differently yet having the same impact over men's fashion. Abstract prints in neutral or browny colors and splashes of green over these looks, give a sense of messiness around this flawless collection with classic and elegant summer looks.

Images via Gq.com

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