We always hear everyone say what's in and what's out in fashion, but somehow those trends that should have never came in the first place, still keep a safe place in other's wardrobe. Don't know what shoes should you get rid off? Find out next what are the biggest fashion mistakes when it comes to your footwear


Not everyone needs to be a fashionista or a shoppaholic, but there's a limit between ridiculous and normal. We all have a style, whether we develop it or it just comes naturally, yet somehow others don't find a difference in looking good or being a mess. We don't even expect everyone to look from the Vogue fashion magazine

and wear the latest designer's catwalk outfits or dress the same as every person on the street, still that doesn't mean we should forget about how we look like and what our style says about us.

1. Crocs

We don't even think that words are needed to describe this fashion trend because whoever invented it must have been a woman sick of high heels. Seriously? People say that crocs as the most comfortable shoes and that's why they are so in right now and we don't disagree. They are comfortable, but sneakers are too or even some heels are, that doesn't mean we forget about how an entire appearance looks simply because the shoes are comfortable. There are way too many ways to feel comfy and look simply amazing in the same time, but that's the difference between those that care about themselves and those that don't.

2. Uggs

Once again, another shoe-trend that stands out through comfort, at least that's the excuse, are the uggs. You've seen them everywhere this winter and some people even wear them in spring and summer. Yes, some do. If you're a teenager than let's suppose that uggs are good for school and hanging around, but for women over their 20s that's a simply no. After you passed your high-school years appearances are important and comfort it is too, but it's impossible to think that for the winter season no one can't find a pair of comfy boots. Also, remember that uggs may feel good but they are dangerous for your feet and that's why you should wear them only from time to time, in case you can't throw them out the window.

3. Pointy-toe Shoes

Yes, the enemy is back. For the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season seems that the pointy-toe shoes are making a come-back. Why? We don't even know. Pointy-toe are only good for those with a small slim foot because for others that wear size 37 and up will look simply ridiculous and for those that don't have a slim foot will just get pain. Even if they look very professional and perfectly for business women, they are not comfortable and in the end you'll just be hurt and won't be able to focus on your work. Leave those shoes to Aladin and take yourself another pair.

4. Flip-flops

They are good for beach, pool and home, but on the streets? Do we really have to see that? It's not like taking a pair of sandals is so hard or less comfortable. Flip-flops are simply ugly and don't emphasize no one's outfit or overall look for that matter. Instead of wearing a pair of flip-flops to work or for a walk in the park choose some clogs for this season, or wedges, those are very comfortable and look gorgeous in the same time. Remember that you won't be taken seriously no matter what you'll do, in a pair of flip-flops.

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