The summer of 2010 brings back the age old craft of crocheting. Crochet is the in thing and the raging trend this summer (Fashion Industry Analysis). Everything and anything in your wardrobe can go the crochet way. It is chic and cool to use it in any form.

Starting right from your evening dress to your belts, purses, footwear and any other accessory that you are pleased to choose you can find one that is just right for you.

crochet dresses 1

May be you would like a sexy evening dress for the special evening out or may be just that one special crochet accessories to highlight what you are wearing.

Summer crochet dresses can look really sexy if they are completely crochet, and they can look very elegant when crochet is used to highlight the sleeves, neck or the hemline.

crochet dresses 2

Crochet may also be incorporated in the form of appliqué. Intricate hemlines and necklines add oodles of oomph to an evening dress.

Crocheted tops for teenagers look great when paired with denims of any length. They look equally good with short skirts. Crochet accessories can help you look in trend and also make heads turn.

crochet dresses 3

Contrasting floppy summer hats look great with summer dresses. You can flaunt a handbag or purse that is completely crocheted to look chic.

Dresses can be complimented with bracelets, collars or rings that have been crocheted.

Footwear that flaunt crochet make your feet look delicate and add chic to any ensemble that you may choose. You can choose from platforms or sandals that have been embellished with crochet.

Most of the leading designer brands have a range of crochet accessories and dresses to choose from. You can choose from labels like DKNY, See by Chloe, Elizabeth and James, Big Buddha, Kapow! Wow! Kimchi Blue and others.

crochet dresses 4

All this lovely stuff is available in leading stores. You will not know what to buy and what to leave behind.

This summer trend is expected to extend its rule to the fall season too. Elegant long sleeved closely crocheted tops, pullovers and zipped cardigans are all quite ready to tempt you this fall.

Victoria Secrets Fall 2010 Preview promises these and more. You can be sure that the others too will be right there with their elegant crocheted products to tempt you to splurge on them.

Be prepared to look elegant and feminine this summer and fall with the beautifully crafted crochet garments and accessories.

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