The fashion season requires lots of patterns and motifs, but there is one that absolutely anyone loves. This one is the Ikat pattern.

ikat print 1

It adds a tribal touch to your outfits and it is super modern, since even the Hollywood stars are choosing to wear this native and stylish print. Ikat print is chick and creates an outstanding elegance.

ikat print 2

In case you are fascinated by this print, simply choose the Ikat suggestions from the biggest designers. Gucci has created an amazing collection of dresses, all of them devoted to the Ikat print.

ikat print 3

Mark Jacobs and Balenciaga also didn’t miss out to include this gorgeous print into their summer collections. As for the accessories, the bespoke bag of the season is the Cleobella Zulla Bag, a fine example of Ikat print on the accessories.

ikat print 4

Cynthia Vincent is the designer that even released shoes with Ikat print, which go perfectly for any occasion.

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