Summer is here and there are heat waves all over the place.

What better way to stay cool than to wear one of the cute little cropped tops that are coming back into style. Wearing tight, close fitting clothes will just make you hotter, but these crop tops are loose, billowy and ventilated for easier cooling.

cropped tops 1

When you bare your belly with these shirts, you get a constant airflow over your torso making you that much cooler when you wear them.

Keep in mind while you are keeping cool with your crop tops that as with everything, there are right ways and wrong ways to do things.

Remember back in the 80’s when people paired crop tops with everything including sweat pants and leg warmers? That is not the right way to wear a crop top now. You can however do this if you are looking to be stared at by pointing, laughing people.

croped tops 2

Crop tops now are being worn with shorts, jeans, swimsuits or high-waisted, fitted skirts. The more ventilated ones are also being seen paired with tank tops underneath them.

If you do not feel comfortable baring your belly to the world, then try out one of the longer tops that still has the cropped look and feel.

cropped tops 3

Cropped t-shirts are included in the crop sensation. These are comfortable and versatile and you can even make them yourself if you like.

Just take a tee that you might like but do not wear any more or even if you do wear it, it does not matter, and cut the bottom of it off until it is just the length that you were looking for.

While you are cutting the bottom of the tee off, take a look at the sleeves. Are they too long? Go ahead and cut them to the desired length too. You can even turn it into a cropped tank top if you like. The choice is yours. Be bold and make your tee a fashion statement.

Be sure that when you wear these cropped shirts, you are not showing off too many inches of skin between the beltline and the bottom of your shirt. It doesn’t matter how svelte you are, there should always be decency shown in your wardrobe choices.

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