Not only are cracked lips unappealing, they can be extremely painful if you happen to suffer from them. Sometimes it can lead to bleeding, and further such problems. Though it is a common condition, brought on by a variety of external factors, sometimes the causes for cracked lips can be internal. It is therefore, imperative to identify these causes and resort to some remedies, to take care of this condition, and prevent a recurrence.

Cracked Lips Causes

As mentioned before, the causes for cracked lips can be both internal and external. These have been enlisted here.
  • Though the intake of citrus fruits is healthy for the body, it may have an adverse reaction on your lips and lead to dry cracked lips.
  • If you eat a citrus fruit and go out in the sun, the sun rays are likely to react with the chemicals from the fruit on your lips, and cause an allergic reaction. The consumption of excess vitamin A also has the same effect and leads to cracked lips.
  • Constant lip-licking is a terrible habit that contributes to cracked lips. Though you may think that keeping the lips wet by licking them is a natural way of moisturizing them, it actually works the other way around.
  • Playing musical instruments on a regular basis, such as the clarinet, or the saxophone, can also cause this problem.
  • The chemicals and compounds contained in lipsticks, and so called lip-care products, actually have an adverse reaction on the lips, and may lead to chapped, cracked lips. Even flavored lip-balms, though meant to eliminate the problem, further worsen it because of all the unnecessary additives in it.
  • Sometimes, chapped lips are a side effect of certain medication you may be undergoing for problems such as blood-pressure.
  • The lack of important nutrients, such as vitamin and zinc, contribute to this condition.
  • The weather can play an important role in determining the condition of your lips. Excess exposure to the sun or to dry, cold weather conditions, contributes to the problem of cracked lips.
  • Smoking is another reason why you may suffer from this problem.
  • Lastly, aging is a common reason why people experience this problem.
Cracked Lips Remedy

Take a look at some natural remedies, that will help you cure yourself of the problem of cracked lips.
  • The first natural remedy, not only for cracked lips, but for almost all kinds of skin problems, is to drink plenty of water. Doing so, keeps the skin healthy and naturally moisturized.
  • If you use lip balm, ensure it is unflavored and without color. An ideal lip balm is petroleum jelly, that benefits the cracked lips and restores them to their natural self, without any harmful effects.
  • Apply a very small amount of either coconut, or olive oil on your cracked lips. Regular application provides quick relief from this problem.
  • At night, apply a very thin layer of honey on your lips, followed by a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Let it rest for 10 minutes, and then wipe your lips clean with a cotton swab that has been dipped in tepid water. Follow it up with the application of petroleum jelly, and allow it to remain overnight.
  • In a teaspoon of raw milk, add a drop of honey, and a drop of rose water. Apply this mixture on your cracked lips on a daily basis. Allow it to remain overnight.
  • Rub a small slice of cucumber thoroughly on your cracked lips. Then apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly to keep the lips moisturized.
  • Get a fresh aloe vera stem. Cut it open, and use the gel that is released from it as a natural lip balm, and is also a great remedy for cracked corners of mouth. This is one of the best moisturizing ingredients for almost all dry skin conditions.
  • Try making some of these natural lip balm recipes, as an effective remedy for cracked lips.
  • Lastly, make a conscious effort to stop licking your lips.
Lip care is essential, so that you can enhance the natural beauty that you already have. Follow these effective remedies for cracked lips, and continue taking care of your lips to avoid this problem in the future. Try to remain natural, and avoid resorting to cosmetics with heavy chemicals that further worsen the problem.
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