Pouty Lips

Guys especially and girls do not rave about Marlyn Monroe's or Liv Tyler's pout just like that! Ask any guy what he likes the most about Angelina Jolie and he would most probably say her pout! Nevertheless, 'celeb talk' notwithstanding, if someone has real thin lips, that individual might wish that if only she had fuller lips! If at all you fall in that category and are racking your brains about how to get those fuller lips, take a look at the text to come up on pouty lips.

How to Get Pouty Lips?

Lip Lock #1
Regular exfoliation and moisturization is the basic thing one has to do to get those perfectly sexy and fuller lips. You do not want to have dry, chapped lips, do you? Lip masks and exfoliators help you get rid of the dead skin. In addition to that, moisturize the lips after you have exfoliated using a petroleum jelly and a good quality lip balm. There, well begun is half done! Read more on lip plumping tips.

Lip Lock #2
Heard of lip plumpers? Well, they are the most common and convenient method to get those killer lips! However, these lip plumpers might irritate the skin cells on your lips. The lip plumpers have chemicals which make your lips swell and look fuller. Fast and inexpensive, lip plumpers are the way to go, but with discretion! What are pouty lips and how can one get them? This is the answer. Read more on best lip plumper.

Lip Lock #3
Yet another way to enhance your lips is to use a lip gloss. Use a light sheer color gloss in the middle of your top and bottom lip. Umm..that is going to be irresistible for that special someone in your life! Another trick to get pouty lips is to put lipstick over a clear swipe of a lip gloss! It sort of creates an illusion of fuller lips. Indulge in this dare only after ensuring that you avoid overdoing it! You surely do not want to look like a clown!

Lip Lock #4
Lip liner is another wonder cosmetic which can make lips fuller. My dear ladies, if you had forgotten this amazing thing, let me remind you of the sweet lip liner. This low key stick can either make or break it for you. To begin with, dust your lips with powder and then put on the liner. Remember that the liner should never ever be detected by the human eye! It is criminal! The liner should be a color paler than the lipstick. After you get the liner, line it around your whole mouth. Now comes the most important thing - smudge it with your fingers in a way that the line is not visible, but it becomes a shadow of the color. Going ahead, apply lipstick by dipping the lip brush in it. Using a tissue, blot the excess from your lips after application. Smear a lil' bit more lipstick. Beautiful! With this, you can give any of those heroines a run for their money!

Lip Lock #5
Peppermint and cinnamon oil are two magic potions which is the solution to the query of how to get pouty lips naturally. What application of these oils are known to do is to enhance the blood circulation in your lips. That leads to the appearance of fuller and pouty lips. Although these work, if possible mix either of these oils with your favorite lip gloss. Avoid applying this oil directly to the lips. Sometimes, dehydration can also cause the lips to be a bit thinner. Drinking enough water and good fluid intake may help. Read more on lip plumper recipe.

Last but not the least, use lighter shades to get fuller lips. All said, the natural methods will obviously take more time than probably a lip plumper or the cosmetic quick fix but they are safe!

This is where I pucker up and end my 'poutful' of words. But you go and get those viable, luscious and pouty lips!
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