Are you sold on a scent? Are you also the kind of guy who loves to save? With the additions of discount sites and sample hunting, you can smell great on the cheap.

1. Shop during the holidays. You can take advantage of the holidays in two ways: both online and at your local shop. It pays to purchase in December or February, because you are likely to find excellent shipping discounts and rush offers.

The holidays are also a good time to try out gift baskets. If you’re sold on a specific fragrance, consider spending a fraction more to get soaps, bath gels, and splashes. Take what you’ll use, and save the rest for others.

Post holidays? There’s another trick for you, then: you can find deep discounts at local chain shops and department stores when they have overstock of “holiday specific” gift packages. They’ll want to get rid of this stock immediately.

2. Get creative.
Beg, borrow, and trade to find interesting new fragrances, and don’t forget to be creative while you are at it. If you’re trying to save your most expensive cologne, for example, consider adding in a coordinating shower gel, splash, spray, or aftershave and toning down the use of your fragrance to match.

3. Head straight to discount sites.
You can always save money on sites that slash prices, and what’s the point of hunting for sales individually? Just one caution applies: always choose a reputable online store to stock up on that fragrance.

Consider the following online shops:

• Perfume.com: A comprehensive site with 70% off some fragrances.

• Perfumemania.com: Check out the “Bestsellers” list to see what’s hot.

• FragranceNet.com: Their easy search function makes looking for discounted perfumes easily.

4. Consider alternatives. Why not try to mix things up? If you’ve been wearing a fragrance forever, think about experimenting. You could really end up saving when you try out more affordable alternatives. When I’m looking for similar scents, I’ll head to the shops to check them out in person (and compare prices of course), or I’ll trawl blogs for advice.

5. Stockpile free samples. Samples are an easy way for you to experiment with scents for little, and you can score some easily with the following methods:

• Go to Nordstrom or Sephora, if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby. You can request carded samples or vials from these stores easily.

• Buy samples directly. You can often find sample giveaways on sites dedicated to a new perfume launch, but of course you’ll need to share your address to receive your sample! Keep your eyes open; these offers can be hard to find.

• Swing by the stores on major fragrance release dates. You’ll often score giveaways during promotional periods.

• Head to an online store that sells mainstream sample scents, such as Parfums Raffy and Perfume Bay.

• Hunt for sample collections online! If you’re a smart shopper, you can find them online at auctions sites like eBay.

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