Christian Dior 2010 couture fashion is very interesting as vintage styles dominate the collection. Find out what makes this couture fashion collection so spectacular to see.

John Galliano has managed to create a lovely collection for Christian Dior 2010 couture collection. Galliano is a fashion designer known for his genius and sophisticated one of a kind designs. Couture fashion is all about individuality, sophistication and creativity and it seems that John Galliano possesses all these qualities.

Christian Dior 2010 couture fashion collection has a very distinct feel and it just John Galliano's style. Unique and vintage seems to be Galliano's source of inspiration as he seems to be persistent with this style.

Christian Dior 2010 coutureChristian Dior 2010 couture

Christian Dior coutureChristian Dior couture

Vintage fashion

style is quite popular this year and many fashion designers found their muse from the past decades. Elegant vintage style outfits look absolutely fabulous due to the color combinations which give them a bit of a modern look. Ankle length skirts paired with gorgeous waist fitted jackets create a very elegant attire perfect for elegant women who love being fashionable even when going for a walk. Cains, gorgeous top hats and feminine blouses help define the gorgeous vintage style of the outfits.

Christian Dior couture Christian Dior couture

Dior coutureDior couture

The dresses featured by John Galliano in his couture collection for Christian Dior are quite extravagant as they look like being take out of a theatrical play or a movie from the past. With retro and vintage designs, the dresses are meant to emphasize femininity, elegance and glamor.

John Galliano is a mater in color coordination and you can easily observe why. Not many fashion designers are as bold and as successful in combining different colors that at first sight appear like having nothing with each other.
Christian Dior 2010 couture collection is gorgeous and couture indeed, so don't hesitate admire this lovely collection.

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