Sometimes, great designers take their inspiration not from the most outstanding capitals of fashion, but other cultures too. I can’t see anything wrong to turn east to see things a little bit differently. But if your name is Christian Dior and your head is turns way over Far East, the result will be a spectacular, yet very inspirational designs, the Dior Samourai 1947 bags.

In fact, it seems that this collection of handbags (which, by the way, they are all amazing!) has its particular history: the Dior Samourai 1947 bags

are dedicated and created in the memory of a store. We’re not talking about just any store, but the very first Dior store opened in Paris – you can easily guess the year – yes, in 1947.

The handbag collection isn’t exactly on the regular pattern Dior got us used by now, and it’s definitely a turn and a change of artistic perspective.

Every bag included in this collection has a quite spectacular design, resembling very much a basket. Many people aren’t exactly thrilled by the idea, but, at a closer look, it’s amazing how fabrics, cuts and details were put together to create this unique line of bags.

Made of textured leather, with leather handles and serpent rings detailing added as attachments to the handles, every handbag truly reminds of a different culture we’re not used to. The knots details, the exquisite design – doesn’t it all seem like the perfect merge between oriental artistry and the old-school design before the '50s?

The Dior Samourai 1947 bag collection is quite an example when revealing the true capacity and the deep understanding of a designer that, in time, rules the fashion world. The bags retail for an estimated price of $3900.

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